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Singapore with 18 month old & 3 month old

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DonnaArnold Sat 06-Aug-11 09:01:15

I wondered if anybody had any useful advice/tips for hubby & I on travelling to singapore with our two children. I know you're probably thinking mad woman but my hubbys brother is getting married out there so we thought we'd give it a go. Because both girls will be under two they will fly on our laps, but I am unsure about carseats etc for when we arrive and useful things to pack. The other thing is it's not clear yet what luggage allowance we have for them as when I read the small print it indicated you don't get any! How can I possibly take two babies away with no luggage allowance - please feel feel to correct me if I'm wrong & to give any useful advice or past experiences. Thanks, Donna.

papooshka Thu 11-Aug-11 13:16:55

Re the luggage allowance, you will need to check with the airline, but I know when we fly with Singapore Airlines I think the infant gets about 10Kilos? I would bring both your car seats, as I am presuming you will get around in taxis. You can put the car seats in with the luggage, usually thats allowed as an extra. Personally I would get a seat for the 18 month old, its a 13 hour flight, and with both of you with a baby on each lap could be hard going.

papooshka Thu 11-Aug-11 14:05:30

sorry forgot to say, that you need to get a bassinet for the 3 month old so it won't be too bad - you'll only have one child on your laps!

drcrab Sat 13-Aug-11 00:18:10

Are you travelling on Singapore airlines from heathrow? They have a free meet and assist service whereby you request that from the airline and they'll assist you all the way from check in to the plane. Someone will help with baggage, passports etc so you won't be hassled at all. They'll also carry baggage, push buggy if necessary. I travelled to Singapore in january with a 4 month old and an under 3 and they were fab. Also they'll help when you get to changi airport too. So no worries on the other side.

You can collect your buggy as you get off the plane. So you can put the older one in buggy. I would travel on the 10pm flight. It'll knock your older one out.

You can take your car seats with you but we didn't. Found it difficult with taxis as can't lug everything around. What I did was with the baby I strapped her onto me in a carrier and then seat belted myself. Compromise yes but taxis don't go too fast there.. Traffic jams! Alternatively take the tube and buses. Easy to do and v cheap.


drcrab Sat 13-Aug-11 00:22:30

Get a bassinet for both children if possible. The baby will fit; your older one may not but she can lie in it with her feet sticking out!!? grin the A380 is the biggest plane around and v stable. No problem with ears. But if there is, buy some lollipops and bring them along for older one.

Baby food will be provided. You should order a meal for your older one. They take care of children vv well. You'll get some toys or drawing stuff for them. And the programmes- plenty of cartoons and stuff for them!

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