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Off to NZ for a Road Trip via LAX

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cedricdoris1 Fri 29-Jul-11 23:03:34

Off on a post divorce road trip combining it with visiting family in Wanganui taking my two dd's aged 4 & 8. Travelling via LAX - any tips for surviving the transit lounge? Will be filling their Trunki's with lots of stickers, colouring, fuzzy felt etc etc. Also any tips for travelling round North Island, not got time to go South Island. I'm hiring a campervan (not a motorhome!) - any thoughts on a SheWee!!!

Kiwinyc Tue 02-Aug-11 11:33:51

Are you flying Air NZ? I've not done that trip with kids only by myself but have travelled long haul quite a bit elsewhere with my DD's the same age as yours. My 8yr was fine, almost independent, its the 4yo that needs more attention with a shorter concentration span for the entertainment etc. Would really recommend an ipod touch or Ipad for the plane for the 4yo, you can download some fun apps and fantastic interactive books for your 4yo. and lots of drawing crayons/pencils pens etc and paper (nothing with lids though)

Mine are allowed to buy two comics each in the WH Smith at the airport, these also keep them going for a while. My 8yo is happy with all the kids movies, TV show, music, and she will read a book but i also had a couple of audio books on a ipod in case she was interested in those.

Transit lounge is boring but fine really, room for them to stretch their legs for a bit.

My two both have trunki boosterpaks as well, they are fantastic for them to carry their stuff around the airport (I was careful not to overload my 4yo's and make it too heavy) and as car booster seats at your destination.

gillybean2 Fri 05-Aug-11 17:06:56

If you're flying BA you'll find the back of seat tv's great. My ds plugged into the cartoon channel and that was that.

If you have a night flight be sure to go to the galley to get snacks as they are usually available there but they don't wheel the trolley up and down while people are sleeping.

Also suggest you take an empty drinks bottle and top it up when the trolley comes round so you can give dc a drink whenever they want it without having to wait on the stewards.

LAX airport is rubbish. Hardly anything to do there at all. Do you have a long wait? If at all possible I would recommend stopping for a couple of days and going to Disneyland on your way back.

Are you going to be there furing their winter or summer?

North island is brilliant. Lots to do. I recommend the kiwi friuit farm at Te Puke here Don't be fooled into thinking it will be a sedate golf kart type ride, that thing goes mega fast and ds (aged 5 at the time) loved it better than the roller coasters at disnelyland! You can spend a whole day there - play area, giant pond, kart/farm trip etc. Ds still recalls our visit there (the giant apple slide)

Another good day out is the luge at Rotorua
Don't let your youngest one go down on her own though, let her ride with you. Ds persuaded me to let him go on his own the third time and he couldn't work the break and vanished off at speed then crashed! Your 8yo will be fine though.

Agrodome is another good place to visit. Do the sheep show but I wouldn't pay extra for the farm visit again another great day out. The fish go mad for the food and you may get splashed!

There's loads of other things, I can't remember them all but we did lots including a Mauri village visit, steam train trip, bird park... Omakoroa beach is pretty and has a park near it if you're in that area.

I enjoyed this more than ds did (he was 3 on that occassion though) but it is a nice place to go and the hot mud and geysers are interesting if you like that kind of thing

Do head over to the bay of plenty, lake tapu, rotorua etc. The tourist information places have loads of info and are really helpful. Only problem you'll have is squashing everything in! Hope you're going for long enough...

cedricdoris1 Sun 14-Aug-11 22:19:30

thanks to both of you for your very helpful comments, i'll be investigating all these options :-)

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