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cuba - anyone been?

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plainwhitet Fri 22-Jul-11 16:07:19

am going next month; does anyone have any tips as to what to expect, what to take, what not to take; I am travelling around with a tour so not alone but does it feel safe?

cheekeymonkey Fri 22-Jul-11 22:36:55

Expect no shops, so take anything you need with you.

You probably couldn't get any safer a place as crime is really not acceptable.

People are lovely,warm and welcoming.

Enjoy an experience of a lifetime before it all gets spoilt.

strandednomore Sun 24-Jul-11 09:59:36

It's amazing (although I am a little biased as I was born there - returned for a short holiday in 2003). Havana really is a non-stop photo opportunity, but it is an incredibly interesting country as well. And you must their mojitos.
The food wasn't amazing but I think it's been getting better - if possible, try eating at the private restaurants run out of people's houses, this is probably the best food you will get. You will be very safe.
They might have dengue, I know a lot of the islands in that region do, so be on the watch for that (flu-like symptoms).
Ummm, apart from that - enjoy!

mankyscotslass Sun 24-Jul-11 10:03:57

It's brilliant.

We stayed at the Rio Du Mares Hotel at Playa Esmeralda near Holguin, about 11years ago, and would go back tomorrow if we could.

The food was basic but ok.

The people were lovely and welcoming, and it felt very safe.

I wish we had spent longer in Havana, we only had a day there.

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