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4 days in Miami - would love some suggestions.

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NervousNelly Thu 21-Jul-11 15:55:51

My OH and I are going to be in Miami for 4 days in early October. We’ve both been there before and loved it, but wondered if anyone had recommendations of things to do/places to go/stay.

We’ve previously stayed on Ocean Drive, in a nice wee hotel called the Century Hotel, at the South end. We’ve done an everglades airboat trip, been to Sawgrass in Fort Lauderdale and just generally chilled out and shopped, eaten and got a bit drunk wink.

We will probably allocate a day to Sawgrass again as we both have a lot of things we need to buy! We’ll have a car. Last time I was there I was with a friend and we drove down the Keys a little bit, so it might be nice to do that with OH. We don’t have to stay in SOBE the whole time. Sunbathing doesn’t have to be high priority as we’re going to the Caribbean afterwards, but I don’t particularly want to spend all my time indoors either!

Budget isn’t unlimited but our Caribbean stay is free (staying with family) so we don’t mind splurging a bit on our accommodation, so long as it’s worth it. I don’t want to stay somewhere expensive, then find a cockroach in my bathroom...! We won’t have children, though if I ever get a BFP it’s possible I’d be in early pregnancy. <in my dreams>

strandednomore Sun 24-Jul-11 11:48:34

Hmmm, I've been to Miami a few times but my trips (pre-children) sound very much like yours! (apart from I spent some of my time at hospital there having scans for dd1).
I like the look of venetian pool but have never been. It's in the Coral Gables area, though, which is nice. You can do little boat cruises to see the homes of the rich and famous. Oh and we always eat at great bagels

NervousNelly Mon 25-Jul-11 23:21:12

Thanks Stranded. I did enjoy my previous Miami trip so there is no actual need to do different things, I guess I just want to make sure I don't miss out something key. I would be more than happy with eating, drinking and shopping. I had forgotten about the Venetian Pool so will do that I think, thank you! You've also just reminded me I have a TimeOut Miami guide somewhere which I must find smile

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