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Boston Hotels and Must Do

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Indenturedserf Sun 10-Jul-11 17:27:57

On a first visit to Boston at the end of August for one week. I know there is tripadvisor etc but wondered of any Mnetters had any good recommendations for hotels, thing to do/things to avoid. If there is anyone in Boston at the moment then any slightly odd local knowlege that wouldn't be on a website would be great.

Is it my imagination but is Boston expensive? well more expensive than quite a lot of the rest of the states.


ihatethecold Sun 10-Jul-11 17:32:13

hi , i went 10 yrs ago, its a lovely place, more relaxing than new york, stayed at the fairmont copley park plaza, lovely hotel. we did loads of shopping, went to the aquarium, imax cinema, cheers bar, had such a good time, the transport is very easy to understand. we used the underground from the airport. im soooo jelous, would love to go back.
its very pretty to walk around

Hersetta Sun 17-Jul-11 19:30:15

Can't help with hotels as we stayed with friends but we were there for July 4th week and it is unbearably hot and humid so be prepared. i would add to your to do list a day trip whale watching from the harbour and you must try and get tickets to see the red sox at Fenway park - drink beer and eat hotdogs (an american institution).

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