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Travelling around Florida in campervan

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senioroafdog Sun 03-Jul-11 11:21:59

DH, DD and I are flying to Miami in November ( DD will be 20 months by then) and want to travel around south/ mid Florida by campervan. Has anyone done this/ got any recommendations? Thanks!!

MrsGypsy Thu 07-Jul-11 20:38:04

I used to live in Miami, and the main thing that I remember is that it was hot. Occasionally less hot, but always on the hot scale. December/January were probably the coolest months - might get down to 70-74F. Whatever that is in new money. Soooooo - does your campervan have air-conditioning.........? If it doesn't, I don't think you would be very comfortable sleeping at night, and heaven forbid the DD doesn't get her beauty sleep and takes it out on mummy!

mumoverseas Sun 10-Jul-11 14:01:54

We did it 3 years ago in July. Hired an RV in Orlando and drove down to Ft Lauderdale then Miami and down to the Keys, staying a few nights in different campsites and then drove up to Naples then Tampa/St Petes. I don't think it will be too not in November, it does not get that hot then.

We hired the smallest van available from El Monte RV hire in Orlando. There were two adults, two teenagers and a toddler and it was ok but with hindsight we should have gone for a bigger van. We booked most campsites in advance with KOA (kamp of America I think) and they had some nice campsites.

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