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Travel alone with 6 month year old

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pinkposey Wed 29-Jun-11 18:45:46

Hiya, I'm flying from DRCongo to Paris (7 hours) layover of 5 hours in Paris then on to Washington DC (6 or 7 hours) on my own with a 6 month year old who drinks some breast milk, some formula and has just begun to wean.

I'll have a stroller, a large suitcase with my and his stuff, a car seat, a travel cot, a laptop bag (with two laptops and a heavy camera :-) ), his changing bag.

Any tips on ANYTHING about how to do this in the easiest way, and what to take, how to deal, jet lag, any aspect whatsoever really would be gratefully received. I have no clue at all what challenges I'm going to face and what I can do to prepare. I leave Monday so any advice very welcome.

PS I'm so unprepared about this because my husband was planning to travel with me, but due to some Congolese government nonsense with my passport, mine will not be available til after my husband needs to be there, hence we will follow him.

PPS I guess watching the inflight films will be out the question :-)


RuthChan Wed 29-Jun-11 20:42:04

Wow! It sounds like you'll be paying for some excess luggage there!

Do you ever use a sling?
If so, they are really useful in airports. You can keep the baby safe and with you while going through customs.
Some airports are fine about using your stroller right up to the gate, others are less so. Charles de Gall in Paris allows you to use your stroller if you are flying from or to it, but they do not allow you to use them if transferring there. I've had that issue myself.

Have you booked a bassinet on board the plane?
If not, you should call the airline and ask whether they have them on board the plane you will use. This is a cot attached to the wall in front of the line of seats. It's really useful as the baby can lie flat and sleep during the flight without you having to hold her.

Be sure to feed your baby during both take off and landing. This will not only calm and soothe the baby during what can be a slightly bumpy ride, but will also prevent her ears hurting due to the pressure changes. Swallowing is the best thing for this. I always BF my DCs during these times. I never had any issues with any staff or other passengers minding. I just got on with it.

Have plenty of small toys with you to entertain your DC. The airline may well have some toys and other small items on board which will help, but they may not be of the right age range for you.

Most of all, don't worry too much. If your baby screams, it doesn't actually matter. The passengers will only be annoyed for a relatively short time and you will never see any of them ever again.
You are also likely to get offers of help and smiles of understanding for travelling with a little on your own.

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