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Would love your all inclusive recommendations for long haul destinations?

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buktus Wed 29-Jun-11 07:27:31

We are a family of 5 kids are 10,9 and 6. I would like to hear your favourite place particularly the caribbean, indian ocean and sharm el sheikh - anywhere good!. Thanks

BelladiMamma Wed 29-Jun-11 13:51:49

Mauritius has some great places - didn't go there with DC's but the hotel was full of families. Good service, good food, facilities etc. Very resort based but you can do a few organised trips out eg sailing, fishing.

Sidge Wed 29-Jun-11 14:24:15

We recently got back from the Playa Pesquero in Cuba.

Was fab.

PalmTrees Wed 29-Jun-11 20:17:14

I always recommend Beaches Turks and Caicos, fabulous pools and beach, super child friendly and loads of different restaurants to choose from.

Mollymax Wed 29-Jun-11 21:03:09

We went to Mauritius for our honeymoon..... Absolute heaven. Not sure if it is a great place for children, but then we stayed in an adults only hotel.

Dominican Republic is pretty good if you do not want to spend a fortune.

Alibobster Wed 29-Jun-11 22:56:51

Iberostar Tucan in Playacar, Mexico. Have just returned from our third trip with DS (5). Very family friendly hotel and located right on an absolutely stunning beach. Check it out on Would highly recommend

givemeaclue Thu 30-Jun-11 20:48:15

for turks and caicos - are there any flights direct or do you have to go via miami?

also, is it very much american or is there any genuine carribean vibe going on?

Sidge and Alibobster - were there kids clubs at the ones you went to in cuba and mexico and if so were they good quality?


PalmTrees Thu 30-Jun-11 21:20:07

There is a direct BA flight to Turks and Caicos every Sunday, it stops at Nassau on the way but only for about an hour and you don't get off the plane. The majority of the guests are American but to me the resort does actually feel 'caribbean', probably because most of the staff are Jamaican or Dominican. It definately has a very laid back vibe and the resort grounds are very tropical.

Sidge Thu 30-Jun-11 21:30:56

givemeaclue yes there was a kids club - I thought it was fine, the women who ran it were absolutely lovely and really caring. Activities-wise it was quite low key; Cubans don't have masses of toys as such but they did colouring competitions, made crafts and jewellery, went on a treasure hunt, went for walks and ice cream!, played in the clubhouse which had it's own little splashpool and playpark and sang songs and did dancing.

Mine just went for a few hours here and there and as the pool and beach were so child-friendly spent the rest of the time with us.

mustdash Thu 30-Jun-11 21:35:32

I couldn't recommend the Maldives highly enough. We took DDs 11,8 and 7 there are the start of the year, and they had the time of their lives. We stayed at the Diva resort, and booked through Tots Too, who had masses of great advice. Direct flights HR to Male, then a seaplane to the island. DD2 declared it the most exciting thing in the world ever, and said it totally made up her mind to be a pilot or an astronaut.

Snorkelling straight off the beach. Perfect Indian Ocean. Baby sharks, huge rays. They are all desperate to go back as soon as we can.

mustdash Thu 30-Jun-11 21:37:02

Ooh just noticed you asking about kids clubs. Diva had one too, which came highly recommended by other parents there are the same time. We just didn't get round to using it because we were too busy! grin

amidaiwish Fri 15-Jul-11 13:46:42

bumping... due to delays with visas we have to go on holiday, flying BA, by end of July (or lose a lot of money sad)

where would you go?
me,dh, dds age 5 and 7
all inclusive preferably (lazy emoticon)


marbeth Fri 15-Jul-11 22:08:37

We have booked veranadh resort in antugia.It looks very nice.

fluffy123 Thu 21-Jul-11 13:18:23

Almond Smugglers Cove in St Lucia is lovely. Really nice suites and pools. Breafast at the small Waterside Grill restaurant was amazing.

Lizcat Thu 21-Jul-11 13:59:00

Shangri-La Al Waha in Oman. Loads of other kids to play with and lazy river in the hotel.

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