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Jordan during Ramadan?

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RoseC Thu 16-Jun-11 12:13:55

We (DP & I) have been invited to his Jordanian friend's wedding on 1st September (I believe it's the first day after Ramadan?). We're going from August 25th for ten days and I'm very excited.

I've not been to the Middle East before and I don't know what to expect culturally (aside from generalisations and FCO advice, which doesn't really apply in my situation, i.e. not single woman travelling alone). Groom and bride's family are Christian and, whilst I would not wear a revealing dress anyway (not my style), would it be acceptable to wear a sleeveless ankle-length dress at the wedding?

We will be splitting our time between Petra and Amman. I suffer a lot in hot weather and don't have much money to buy new clothes. What kind of outfit would be deemed appropriate, particularly as I understand Petra is quite touristy (for example, would a loose t-shirt be fine or should I cover my arms, can I wear a knee-length skirt or does it have to be trousers? Can I wear flipflops?).

The other thing I'd like to know about is PDAs please... we're not prone to them but do give each other pecks on the lips in public, always hold hands/have arms around each other (just writing this makes me want to hmm)... will that be acceptable? DP's friend is very very busy so I don't really want to bother him with this stuff (especially as DP would have to act as intermediary) and any help/advice is greatly appreciated! I really don't want to give offence to anyone.

kreecherlivesupstairs Fri 17-Jun-11 05:40:28

Will Ramadhan have finished?
I can't comment about Jordan, but we did live in Oman for three years so possibly similar.
During Ramadhan, noone was allowed to eat, drink or smoke in public. Behind closed doors was a different matter.
PDAs were frowned upon (quite rightly unless you are 14).
I found as long as your shoulders and knees were covered it was fine.
OTOH, I had a week long visit to Egypt during Ramadhan and it couldn't have been more different.
Why don't you try posting this on the living overseas section for more responses?

RoseC Fri 17-Jun-11 13:42:50

Thank you, I may try there. I didn't mean PDAs in the teenage sense but more general hand-holding, standing with arms around each other.

mumoverseas Sun 19-Jun-11 06:51:25

I've been in KSA, Dubai and Oman during Ramadam and no eating or drinking in public between sunrise and sunset.

Ref hugging and kissing, very much frowned on in KSA except if it is between 2 men which appears to be acceptable confused

Hope you have a lovely time, I'm going to Jordan for the first time in october doing a charity trek and can't wait.

cathers Sun 26-Jun-11 19:49:25

We went to Amman and Petra last year for a fab holiday with the kids.
Went at Easter though so not sure about rammadan restrictions, and I am guessing it will be a lot hotter.

But, from a clothing point of view, vast majority of women wear long ankle length skirts and a top which was not low cut. Think cheap maxi skirts and perhaps cap sleeved blouses or scoop neck tees. Flip flops are fine, it is actually the nape of the neck which is seen as being more sexually offensive, so I wore a loose scarf alot. in Petra you could wear a shorter skirt or trousers, but practically, you need something you can do lots of walking in over rough stones and steep steps - trousers and trainers?

Again, you would be fine holding hands, pecking in Petra, but definitely not seen in Amman or expected! It is a great place though and lovely people

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