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Coconut bay - St Lucia - reviews please!

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buktus Thu 16-Jun-11 06:56:19

would love your opinions thanks

PestoCaffeinisto Thu 16-Jun-11 07:53:28

here you go

exhausted2011 Tue 28-Jun-11 23:06:11

It's ok, good for kids, food is ok but not outstanding, they try very hard, but it's a bit tired. And it is the only thing in the area, nothing nearby, so if you are happy staying in the resort that's fine. Five mins from airport. And the beach is a bit too wild for little ones. Good places the other side of the island. Rodney bay. Pm me if you have specific questions. We just checked out of there, cos it wasn't quite what we wanted

buktus Wed 29-Jun-11 07:25:17

We have just stayed at jolly beach in one of the cottages and it really was lovely. However we would like to try a different island next year. The beaches don't seem as nice as antigua from what i have seen in the pics. I was very sceptical going to jolly beach because of the trip advisor reviews but the resort was friendly the food was always good and adults and kids were entertained all day - yes it could do with a facelift, but its the caribbean and nothing happens fast. Its a 3 star plus and if was expectong wal to wall luxury I should have doubled my budget, is this the same sort of feeling of coconut bay. I have also been looking at smugglers cove too. Have you been to any of the other islands?.

exhausted2011 Wed 29-Jun-11 12:15:51

I think you'll be fine at Coconut Bay, sounds very similar to what you describe.
We did Almond Beach Club in Barbados, coconut bay has much better standard of food, but beach in almond beach was better.
I think smugglers cove might be better positioned, is that Almond now?
The west coast is better for the beaches and more resorts and more happening.
There is nothing around coconut bay, and the shop is a bit bare of essentials, but then you can find food and drink anytime

strandednomore Thu 07-Jul-11 14:01:47

I have stayed at Coconut Bay many times and we loved it - but that was because we lived in the north of the island and it was our escape from the "goldfish bowl" of island living! It is a nice place, the staff are good, the kid's club is great and the facilities are good for the children but agree with the poster above - food is ok but nothing special, the beach is pretty crappy (make sure you do a trip or two up north) and it is a little tired. Although they did some work after Hurricane Tomas so not as tired as it was previously.

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