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honeymoon destination for October 2011 plus 2yr old!?!?

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mrswarbie Wed 15-Jun-11 23:13:16

We're getting married in Oct this yr and looking for suitable honeymoon destination. We are taking our DS who will be 2yrs 6mths. We are considering Dubai or Caribbean. Been to Dubai already, but that was before baby! Any good tips/suggestions? Never done All Inclusive - thoughts??? For longhaul - better to go for 10days or will a week be ok?

doowpro Thu 16-Jun-11 11:27:03

Mmm, I'm thinking you would like Cotton Bay Village in St Lucia, very toddler friendly and helpful for parents, and of course a romantic destination. They have a creche and lots of family equipment on hand. Here's a link. With regard to how long you go for, well you only go on honeymoon once (in theory!) so make the most of it!

MoniDubai Fri 24-Jun-11 11:07:06

Why don't you do a 2 centre honeymoon, Dubai for the Old Town fountain shows, Dubai Mall, Souks, Indian area (bring fave dress to copy) and yummy food and then fly via Emirates (morning flight) 4 hours to Seychelles, for natural beauty, no medical issues for you or toddler, honeymoon heaven type destination, very safe, kids welcome, food disappointing tho, we went at Easter and we live in Dubai, so really good combination I think.
Here are links to fab, but sensibly priced food in Dubai and Seychelles holiday, what it was really like (we have older girls though but travelled with a family who had a 5 year old boy)

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