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Malaria tablets for Dominican

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YommyMommy Tue 07-Jun-11 13:29:49

Would you bother??

We have been advised to take the tablets, but as you can imagine its almost impossible to get 5 and 2 1/2 year old to take tablets. tried to mixe them in with juice, but have very strong taste.

So just really wondering what you though?

Thank you! smile

cheekeymonkey Tue 07-Jun-11 14:22:18

I really would check with your gp or nurse if not already.
DR is a very tropical place. Also check to see whether you need typhoid jabs and Hep B because I had to have them when I went.
Ice cream is a good way to get pills down as they swallow it rather than chew it

crispyseaweed Tue 07-Jun-11 14:25:08

I would advise you make sure the children do take them.
My DD 20yrs has just gone out to Domincan with her boyfrnd and they are both taking their malarial tabs..
Our health clinic here in Wiltshire strongly advised us to take them.
Get them down somehow with jam, honey , icecream or anything they love to eat!

YommyMommy Tue 07-Jun-11 14:27:19

Hi Cheekey monkey,

We have already had our injections. We spoke to GP and chemist about malaria tabs and they both said it was really up to us and its not a "high" risk area. Neither of my boys like icecream, lol! Back to the drawing board for me! Eek!

Thank you!

cheekeymonkey Tue 07-Jun-11 14:47:52

Sorry Yommy, boys eh?

Was high risk when I went but that was long time ago.

Tonic water used to be the maleria remedy, but didn't work for my poor Dad who got it really badly and it came back 30 years later and nearly killed him.

Might be a good idea to find a way?

silverfrog Tue 07-Jun-11 14:53:19

I'd take anti malarials for DR. according to fitfortravel, it is either high or variable risk.

have you tried yoghurt (helps swallow a lot of things, ime) or bananas (also very good for swallowing things down)?

which tablets are you trying to get them to take?

YommyMommy Tue 07-Jun-11 15:41:19

Cheekey, thats awful about your poor Dad. Will def be taking them now!

Silverfrog i can;t remember the name right now (at work). But we only have to take them once every week for up to 4 weeks after we return.

Better get on the case as soon as I get home :/

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