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Somwhere hot at xmas (caribbean?) with FANTASTIC childcare

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goingbacktowork Thu 26-May-11 11:54:47

off with 5 and 3 year of at Xmas hopefully. Been on a sunsail holiday (where childcare was superbe). Neilsons have nothing there and Mark Warner did not appear that great (happy to be corrected though). Is there anywhere that has really good structured childcare - where it will amuse them all day with super activites they want to stay there, take them to lunch, dinner or where you can do this bit. My children has such a fantastic time at sunsail we would like to go somewhere with that sort of set up again. Any ideas?

julie4travel Fri 27-May-11 11:58:25

We love the Beaches chain in the Caribbean. The childcare is excellent. My children did pizza making, snorkelling, dance class, hair braiding, face paints, table tennis, creative things to name a few. They loved it and we hardly saw the children at all as they made friends in kids club and prefered to be there. The property has a lovely lazy river (quite fast not that lazy) which the kids would use to cool off instead of the main swimming pools.

Wotznotnow Fri 27-May-11 15:01:31

Barbados? All inclusive with kids clubs? Do you have at least £7 to £12k, infact I could say for a family of 4 for Xmas, allow 7 nights £7k up to 12 nights £10k plus, depending on resort. Similarly for Antigua or St Lucia.

Dom Rep would be one of the cheaper options, but I wouldn't take my kids there, especially at the young age yours are. Some resorts not great on cleanliness, but some great. Not ideal.

The link that julie4travel put on shows the lead in price for that resort, as a family of 4 at just under £5k, and that will be in low season, ie September I expect. Allow at least another £2k for peak .... But the site is a good place to get some ideas anyhow.

Seriously it's expensive. No need to discount at Christmas, those that have the means to travel do .... some flights already sold out and fares will only go up, pushing holiday prices up closer to December.

Grenada or Tobago rex at Christmas offer good value, but not many resorts on those islands have the kids clubs (ie to the same level as Beaches Resorts).

strandednomore Fri 27-May-11 17:36:04

Beaches was ok but there are other options in Jamaica that are worth looking at too. We have stayed many nights at Coconut Bay in St Lucia - it's not top-of-the-range but the kids love it and they have excellent childcare facilities.

goingbacktowork Fri 27-May-11 19:46:53

ok will look at coconut bay - thanks. Not sure DH too keen o Jamaica but if he was what should I be looking at?

strandednomore Sat 28-May-11 08:55:35

Hi - we didn't have children when we lived in Ja but friends who did liked FDR as you got your own nanny! Here is some information about Jamaican resorts jamaica - don't rule out Jamaica, it's really only Kingston and parts of Montego Bay that are dodgy. Culturally it's one of the more interesting islands of the Caribbean.

MoniDubai Sat 28-May-11 09:29:49

Try all the reviews at on the Holidays Away from Dubai section, thanks Seychelles would beat the Caribbean anyday and Kenya fab and much cheaper, child care cheaper too, Maldives a bit boring and flat, not green enough.

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