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Phuket hotels - are meals expensive? any smaller hotels good for kids?

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meysey Thu 21-Apr-11 10:55:15


We are spending a week in Phuket after a family event in August. We have been offered a good deal at Centara Grand but I worry the food/drink costs will be really high. Are there any smaller hotels that are better all-rounders yet also welcome kids? Any advice?

crw1234 Thu 21-Apr-11 12:35:54

I loved Phuket - and went with a little one to Thailand
-I think most places would be pretty children friendly
we stayed in the Laguna resort when we visited Phuket - I would say food prices were fairly high in the hotel -but the sheraton looked like it would have lots of activities for older kids

fastedwina Tue 26-Apr-11 21:22:56

Stayed at Laguna Beach resort on Bangtao (very child friendly - the elephants come to breakfast and the kids club is really good). The food in the hotel is expensive compared to local restaurants so we used to eat out at night at some of the lovely (far cheaper) local restaurants right on the beach where you can sit and watch the children run around and play.

kreecherlivesupstairs Thu 26-May-11 08:57:17

Do get out of the hotel and meet the locals. We used to go to Phuket regularly and loved it.
No particular recommendations, but just have a wander and choose whatever looks appetising.
It will be more expensive than when we went. In 2003 you got 70 odd baht to the pound. DH is going in July and told me it's about 40 odd now.

hifi Tue 07-Jun-11 00:11:51

phuket is now more expensive than bangkok, at xmas we were spending up to £200 a day on food,a glass of apple juice was £3. you can eat out of the hotel of course but even the price of a beach hut meal has gone up. 3 years ago we would spend about £20 for a meal for 3, this year it was £45.
kreecher mentions the thai bhat is much stronger now,even fake crocs are £10! its not the cheap destination it once was.

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