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4 month old on a flight to/from Canada

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MrsTerryPratchett Sun 10-Apr-11 05:26:56

I am flying alone to and from Canada on Thomas Cook. My questions are,

1. If I take my travel system type pram (car seat slots into pram) will I be allowed this to the gate?

2. Does the same apply on short haul within Canada (at the other end).

3. If I take breast milk on the flight in bottles, can it start the flight frozen, will the air staff give me hot water and will it be a problem if I need to taste it?

4. DD doesn't have a seat. I think I can take one carry on for me, a nappy bag, a handbag, and my checked luggage plus they will take the pram/car seat at the gate. Is this right.

Sooooo nervous about flying without DH!

tahli Sun 10-Apr-11 21:27:41

Call the airline to find out they are all different. I have travelled to Jamaica and Canada with my baby and was on my own one way each time and it was fine. Ba were very generous with the allowances and I was allowed to take baggage and hand luggage for each of us, even though my daughter was 3 and 6 months at the time. I was allowed to take the pram right up to the plane (all 3 parts) but couldn't collect it until baggage reclaim so I took a baby carrier in the hand luggage. (I got some very odd looks on the plane as I put a rucksack on and the baby carrier and the nappy bag).

Customs here were awful, they make you try 3 things so you may have to open all your milk so you might need spares. They even took my nappy cream. Canadian customs were much better and they told me if its for a baby under 2 they don't question much. I didn't fly short haul in canada this time but previously they have really gone out of their way to help us.

Hope that helps.

Have a great trip!

MrsTerryPratchett Mon 11-Apr-11 01:17:43

Thanks so much! I will steel myself for UK Customs. Also, I think I will decant a bit of nappy cream into a small container so I don't have to dump it. I was going to take a sling anyway in case she goes crazy on the plane and I have to walk around endlessly!

Sophiemooboo Thu 19-May-11 19:21:24

Bring your babysling!!!! That way you can strap baby on you and you can fall asleep on the plane without thinking that you will drop the baby! You will only doze lightly anyway with the baby there but at least you can relax!!! My little ones never liked the bassinetts and only slept if i had them in the sling! Have a good holiday!

madwomanintheattic Thu 19-May-11 19:30:16

check car seat is legal for canadian use.

we weren't allowed to bring ours.

when we travelled when dd1 was a tiny, she was awake for 8 hours and then fell asleep 20 minutes before we landed. dh and i took turns to walk up and down the plane. for 8 hours.

we've been back and forth a lot since then. the other babies have been much better. wink

but all else check with the airline. i loathe tc and have vowed never to fly with them ever ever again blush when dcs are a bit older their timings are horrific for canadian flights - it shouldn't matter with a 4mo.

bleedingstill Thu 19-May-11 19:35:53

MAKE SURE YOU have a letter from her father consenting to you taking her out the country.
I took my 3m to Canada, alone. He was breastfed, it was a doddle. The stewardesses took him off my hands for most of the flight!

kiwijesta Sat 04-Jun-11 09:26:33

I recently took DD 4mo to NZ and the first flight was good. I tried to BF on take off and landing but couldn't time it right so DD had to use her dummy to pop her ears. As soon as I could I requested a bassinet seat, and I checked again at check-in. We got it and as soon as I was on board I asked a flight attendant if they could set it up when we were flying. All the flight attendants were super nice and would hold DD when I had to use the loo. I only took one bag, a big rucksack with my sling. Any more and I'd of felt like I could have tipped over! The best thing though was that since the plane wasn't full I got a spare seat beside me, I mean who wants to sit next to a baby? This meant I kept our bag down the whole time and I had extra space for feeding. Good luck!

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