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Dubai in December? Hotels?

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explorerdora Mon 15-Nov-10 18:45:52

We are trying to find somewhere hot and not too far away in mid-december. And Dubai looks like the only possibility - does anyone know what sort of temperature to expect (I have googled but would rather know what anyone thinks from experience). I have 2 DC's - 6 and 3 so don't want to risk too chilly to make the most of it or too hot - not that I'm fussy wink.

And also can anyone recommend a good hotel?

Thanks a million

willali Wed 17-Nov-10 12:51:42

last Xmas we stayed at Hilton Jumeirah Beach. A very small hotel by any other Dubai standards and maybe a bit dated now but fantasmagorical service, lovely rooms, beautiful bit of private beach etc. Went with Virgin HOlidays. Temp was a perfect 28 - 30 degrees

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