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Travelling to Sydney with a 7mth 4yr and 3 yr old

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SIM78 Mon 15-Nov-10 13:47:22

I was woundering if any one can give me any advice I am travelling to Oz with my 7mth old 4yr & 3 yr old not so worried about the older two. The baby is on purees and bottle milk and still be breast feed at night. How do you manage the bottle sterilising situation with the flight. We are planning on doing it in one go no stop over not sure if this a good or bad idea. Any advice tips suggestions will be appeciated.

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 15-Nov-10 14:35:31

You're actually going to travel on your own with the three children?. What airline are you thinking of using?.

I would seriously consider a stopover in Singapore or some such place even if just overnight; spending the best part of two days on a plane won't be much fun at all for any of you. Also you need something to eat other than airline food and a proper chance to walk around.

The aircrew could warm bottles for you (but be very careful when they bring this back as they can overheat contents quite easily) but they won't willingly sterilise anything. Do not rely on the airline to fully provide re meals and snacks for the children; bring your own foodstuffs they like and leave any uneaten food behind particularly when you arrive into Sydney.

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