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Hong Kong for 5 days in Jan, hotel/activity advice?

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HighFibreDiet Mon 15-Nov-10 04:43:03

We are getting there on 1 Jan and leaving 6 Jan, so we don't have long and I imagine I will be very jetlagged having just flown from London! Plus we are a family of five which makes booking rooms a little trickier. BUT I've never been to Hong Kong before so I would like to make the most of it.

(a) Should I book a place fairly centrally (e.g. Wan Chai/Central on Hong Kong Island or Tsim Cha Sui in Kowloon), or go for somewhere a little bit further out, like North Point or Mongkok?

(b) Are the 4/5* hotels worth paying that little bit more for, or should I just go for a 3* place like the Oriental Lander or the Harbourview? (The YMCA Salisbury Rd seems to be sold out for those dates already.)

(c) I already have a long 'to do' list, what should I view as 'not to be missed'?

Our sons are 2, 6 and 8 if that makes a diference.


Hooey Wed 17-Nov-10 17:23:58

I've just come back from HK (without DC) and I stayed at the Harbour Grand Kowloon. It was pretty reasonable and a great hotel but I think if I went again I'd stay on Hong Kong island. Just my opinion but I'd rather be nearer the main sights. We were slightly out of it although it did mean that we caught the Star Ferry a few times across the Harbour which was an attraction by itself.

Definitely go up to The Peak (beware of the queues though if you go on a Sunday) and visit the markets. It may not be your thing but we always take the open top bus on the first day we get to any city to get our bearings and to hear the local take on the sights. It was most appreciated as the humidity was high and the bus gave our feet a break and some breeze to cool us down.

Have a great time.

Wottknott Thu 18-Nov-10 09:15:15

I can see on another thread you are asking about rental advice while you are away. This isn't just a quick 5 day long haul trip then? Otherwise I think with 3 young children it's a big ask in terms of jetlag, and travel. My first though was you must be mad! Sorry.

Been there, loved it, didn't take the kids. Sorry can't advise on a family trip.

lonely planet things to do

HighFibreDiet Fri 19-Nov-10 13:11:01

Hi Wottknott, no it is a stop-off on the way to Sydney. I'm not so crazy as to just fly to Hong Kong for 5 days Thanks for the link.

Thanks also to Hooey. I usually would opt for a slightly more out of the way place but in this case I do feel it might be better to be in the centre of the action. The open-top bus is a great idea and I'm sure the kids will love it.

Wottknott Fri 19-Nov-10 15:53:25

Have fun. This is old but still has some good tips. Hong Kong for kids

empirestateofmind Tue 23-Nov-10 15:13:54

Visited HK last January. We enjoyed The Peak, Disneyland, Ocean Park, harbour, Star ferry, trams, markets, night light show on buildings in the harbour.

We stayed in the Holiday Inn, Kowloon (on the Golden Mile) which is very central. We could walk to the underground (over the road) and to the ferry/harbour (10 mins walk).

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