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Diving holiday with a 16mo - Egypt?

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mistressploppy Thu 11-Nov-10 09:19:10

DH wants 'a bit of luxury' and we both want to dive. Does anyone have any recommendations of somewhere with a good childcare facility, that's not a too-long flight away?

We thought Egypt for the weather, as we want to go in late Feb/early March sort of time.

Anyone done this and have tips? TIA

scubagoose Mon 15-Nov-10 19:19:44

try this. We have been twice to the Ritz Carlton with our kids who were then 18 months and 4 in Feb. weather is perfect not too hot and the Ritz has a fab HEATED pool which you need at that time of year. We took turns diving from the house reef whilst one of us looked after the kids then we spent a half day diving together with Emporer diver who at the time had a childcare facility run by english nannies on site. not sure it that is still there as the family diving website has now been taken over.

its really hard to find good childcare so you can dive.. how young is your child?

elastamum Mon 15-Nov-10 19:24:48

How about St Lucia or Antigua? Sunsail have a place in antigua with a good kids club. Windjammer in St Lucia is fantastic with great childcare

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