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Thailand with 5 month old?

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becausewecan Mon 25-Oct-10 18:55:40

Any advice on travelling to Thailand with a baby please?
My daughter will be 5 months old in January and I am thinking of visiting my sister in Chiang Mai for 2 weeks.
I should still be breastfeeding so not too worried about feeding. More worried about heat and travelling on my own with baby. Am I just going to spend all my time stressed out?!

startingagainafter14years Wed 17-Nov-10 09:39:08

I've only been to Chiangmai in New year but loved it. I walked around with a t-shirt so I think baby should be ok with a thin sleevless baby grow or loose t-shirt & nappy. While indoors baby could be just in a nappy although I don't recommend being naked outside because of sun burn.
I don't think there is much to worry about in regards to malaria as not much Mosquitos around Chiangmai, especially in air-conditioned areas. If in more of a rural area then it can be more dangerous. Make sure baby sleeps under net, wears protective clothing with appropriate bug repellent & definately consult your doctor.
A 5 month old is no trouble & if you're breast feeding then that's even better! If you're on to bottles by then, that will be a bit if a hassle with sterilising. Make sure you take enough water sterilising pills for your bottles & teats. Also, to be extra safe, wash them with bottled water & use bottled/pre boiled water for soaking with the sterilising agent. Take lots of nappies & your baby formula as you may not find your brand readily available.
I always take basic kiddy meds wherever I go, so take fever reducer and any other meds you may need.
For moving around, I'd use a baby carrier which leaves you hands free, although this may be a bit too warm during daytime but evening/nights are cooler. If you're not thinking of going in tuk tuk then your pram will be fine but careful when crossing as traffic can be a nightmare which can make it practically impossible to cross a main street!
If in doubt-and baby is not too heavy yet - mummys arms are perfect!

If you're having jabs then that should pass on to baby (ask doctor) so baby will be protected to a point.

Hope this helps!
But do consult your doctor before going!!

Enjoy - it's amazing!

becausewecan Mon 22-Nov-10 16:10:26

Thank you for all the tips, handy to know if I do decide to go. Looking at the weather here today I'd be mad not too

ivykaty44 Mon 22-Nov-10 16:14:02

Put baby in vest with poppers underneith and take shades for pram/stroller

Who are you going to fly with?

I would think also you need to check with your HV and Gp for injections etc and maleria - though will the malerai tablets affect breast feeding baby?

Travelling with such a small baby will be fine as they will travel in the basanette onboard the flight

take a sling to pop baby in at the airport

take sterilizing things just in case for the water

it will be great relax and enjoy the thai people are friendly and will love your baby

becausewecan Tue 23-Nov-10 14:22:37

I haven't booked a flight yet so any tips on airlines good with babies welcome.
I'll speak to doctor about vaccinations etc and see what they advise.
I've got a sling and wasn't going to bother with a stroller. I was just concerned I might get too hot and nbaby too.
I'm actually quite excited now!

ivykaty44 Tue 23-Nov-10 21:08:30

I would take a stroller

I recently flew with emirates - solo, but there was a family sat next to me with a baby and a small child and they were well looked after - the other thing that I did notice and not sure if other airlines do this but at all the boarding gates there where plenty of black emirates strollers to use in the ariport

the only draw back is they fly dubai all the time

I flew to thailand with BA but that was years ago before srikes etc and my dd2 was 3 and they looked after me but not I felt as well as emirates looked after me

sunnydelight Mon 13-Dec-10 04:21:24

Thai Airways staff are lovely and helpful, especially to families. BUT when I flew from Sydney to the UK last year the Bangkok-London leg both ways had no individual seatback entertainment, just the old big screens, which meant that if you had a bassinet seat you were directly in front of this huge flickering screen for 12 hours which would have been a nightmare. If they are flying with newer planes now they would be a good choice.

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