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Lone parents

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Acceptable amount of access? 10 Itstime26 31/08/09 09:30
Took me ages to decide wether to post this but I am all out of ideas and don't know what to do for the best 46 flimflammum 31/08/09 04:05
can i add DS5s fathers name to birth certificate following dna test? 7 floatyjosmum 30/08/09 17:55
i am debating quiting my job and going back on benefits to concentrate on studying. can you still work if you are claiming income support? 9 floatyjosmum 30/08/09 17:38
DP has decided that he (might) want to move out. In termoil...coudl do with some friendly words from someone that has been there. 24 PleaseMrsButler 30/08/09 15:44
Does anyone know - is the non-resident parent allowed to apply for school 12 NanaNina 29/08/09 22:33
How the heck do you manage the competing needs/demands of more than one child? 3 DONTtouchMUM… 29/08/09 08:36
Ds1 doesnt want to come home after visiting dad 4 BeauticianNo… 28/08/09 22:04
Bad mouthing parent with care 7 mrsmcv 28/08/09 19:34
'We are wearing out the naughty step' childrens book, yay! has a lone parent in it! 5 Meglet 28/08/09 15:00
dating - does inviting a man for dinner at your place = invitation to have sex??! 9 oldraver 28/08/09 11:13
Cafcass just made appointment for tomorrow...don't know how to broach it with DD 10 mmrred 27/08/09 20:12
Anyone else commute to work and have to drop off 2 dc's at nursery. I think its going to be a nightmare :-( 21 ElenorRigby 26/08/09 13:00
Would you let XH take 16mth daughter on holiday to Thailand? 15 notevenamousie 24/08/09 20:40
Is it normal to feel guilty about desperately wanting a break??? 6 Nothernbird 24/08/09 19:58
What do you do when Daddy's a twat? 17 notevenamousie 24/08/09 19:18
Ok, it's time.... I'm ready to start 'dating' again but where the hell do I start?! 17 thesouthsbelle 24/08/09 07:46
Would you be a bit wary of a man who you knew also had kids but never appears to see them? 22 caramelwaffle 23/08/09 21:37
Help with establishing contact 28 ChocHobNob 23/08/09 18:25
Went out last night for the first time in about 5 years 12 FlightHattendant 23/08/09 15:55
So exh has told me that his girlfriend will be taking care of DS when he is away and unable to be there in the days he should be taking care of him... 16 NanaNina 23/08/09 00:36
Is singledadofthree still posting on here? 7 jamestkirk 22/08/09 23:59
How do you meet people when you're a SP? 11 Nighbynight 22/08/09 22:38
do you have a child that has never met their biological father ? due to the bio father fecking off? 39 juicychops 22/08/09 13:00
Please help me stay strong 7 Nighbynight 22/08/09 08:42
What d'you think? could another single parent with child as lodgers be a good idea? 15 Lauree 22/08/09 08:36
i'm really missing my son! can't get used to it 12 MrsH2B 21/08/09 22:15
Guess what Daddy gave us for lunch yesterday? McDonald's chips and a Kinder egg ... 19 IOnlyReadthe… 21/08/09 20:42
Advice 3 IDontReadThe… 21/08/09 18:05
Has anyone here voluntarily had a baby when they were single? 24 swallowedAfly 21/08/09 14:20
my psycho exe called the police to stop me from 'ruining his relationships'!! 18 JJsandcat 21/08/09 11:53
What to give my ex for his birthday 9 thesouthsbelle 20/08/09 19:51
For those of you who share your dcs with ex on a 50/50 basis, can you please advise me? 6 Snorbs 20/08/09 10:49
Tell me I did the right thing 7 HadToDoThis 20/08/09 10:47
is my ex (ds's 'dad') allowed to give up his parental rights? 10 lilacclaire 19/08/09 22:55
Toddler won't allow me to chat!! Is this common with lone parents? 6 Niceguy2 19/08/09 18:11
Have I been living on my own too long? 6 secretskillr… 19/08/09 14:30
Tonight I give in, I am distraught, I am going to find a Family Law Solicitor and not have to deal with the pain he inflicts on me 16 mrsmortenharket 19/08/09 13:44
I hate handover time:( 8 mrsmortenharket 19/08/09 13:41
Is Ex's strange behaviour anything to worry about? 9 lassmichdochinruhe 19/08/09 08:24
Time management - need help! 14 Solo2 18/08/09 13:50
Partner left yesterday... need to get practical and happy.... wanna join me??? 11 secretskillr… 18/08/09 07:47
How do you keep fighting for your DC's? I just dont know if i have any more fight!! - 6 notevenamousie 17/08/09 18:01
did you have an op 48 sooey76 17/08/09 10:03
can't believe ex's sometimes 11 IDontReadThe… 16/08/09 23:25
Exh has finally got himself a girlfriend! Do you think this will lead to him backing off from my family a little? 12 pinkchampagne 15/08/09 19:54
Relationships are shit.! Discuss. 25 TheDMHatesMe 15/08/09 14:14
Struggling with dd 4 OnlyWantsOne… 15/08/09 09:53
cafcass family group conference - have you had one? 3 ILoveTIFFANY 14/08/09 13:29
Have I been living on my own too long? 3 aseriouslybl… 14/08/09 10:39
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