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Should I just do it?

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SJPConvention Sat 17-Mar-12 19:55:07

I just found a great holiday. I really want to do it, but think I'm too scared to take just me and my 1 year old.
Should I just go for it?
I'm worried about the flight being a nightmare and feeling lonely the whole time.
Any advice?

Happylander Sat 17-Mar-12 20:30:55

Go for it x

Bossybritches22 Sat 17-Mar-12 20:32:42

You'll never know if you don't try?!

If it seems right for you & ticks all your boxes go for it. Take a few good books then whilst babe naps or plays you can relax. grin

FannyBazaar Sat 17-Mar-12 22:02:36

I've been all round the world with my DS, although when he was 1 I did have ex with me but that actually made holidays harder than when we travelled without him!

Is it long haul flights or something short?

People talk to you more when you are on your own and you'll probably get plenty of offers of help. Go for it!

curiositykitten Sun 18-Mar-12 14:05:05

Go for it! You'll always wonder if you don't do it, and if you do do it but don't enjoy it? You just don't do it again!

southeastmum Sun 18-Mar-12 16:38:39

where and when? I come with you ;-)

ledkr Sun 18-Mar-12 16:59:54

One of the best things i ever did was take my dc on holidays alone. It built my confidence and enhanced our relationship.
I just got more organised re parking for airport etc. I made friends easier than if id have had scowling dh with me and never felt lonley as i just sat on my balcony with wine and a good book and just enjoyed the warmth. Most days were on the beach or pool so kids happy swimming and evenings we went out for a meal and a stroll and either ent to local bars and joined in with quizzes etc or went home for a nice early night.
On tip is to be a little anal about bagging a sunbed near the pool.It helps loads if there is only one of you to watch them.

FlatCapAndAWhippet Sun 18-Mar-12 18:24:32

do it, do it, do it. If you dont like it, dont do it again. I'm sure it'll be wonderful and something you do again and again. smile))

SJPConvention Sun 18-Mar-12 20:43:20

Okay i'm going to book it guys and family have reassured me. My biggest worry is airport/plane journey tantrums or hold ups. But the hotel looks amazing so hopefully it will be worth it!
Ledkr thats exactly what i'm hoping. If i do this alone with her it'll give me so much confidence that i can just go off and do lovely things with her that i sometimes feel excluded from because i'm not in a couple.
Although lets hope i get chatting to some people otherwise i may come back and have forgotten how to have a conversationan adult....

lollipoppet Sun 18-Mar-12 20:46:35

you will have a fab time and your bond with your dd will be so strong! sounds lovely :-)

SJPConvention Sun 18-Mar-12 21:00:46

Okay i'm excited now.
Will probably have a nerve attack closer to the time, but for now i'll enjoy the excitement grin

MyLittleMiracle Sun 18-Mar-12 21:02:30

Do it now, while you can!! If you dont do it now, you'll only end up getting more scared of it or regretting it!

DO IT. I would if i could afford to and actually had a passport!

SJPConvention Mon 19-Mar-12 12:59:32

Okay smile i'm doing it!
Mylittle miracle...i've been saving 10 pounds a week for a year for an 'if i get the balls to do it' holiday fund!

MyLittleMiracle Mon 19-Mar-12 16:55:08

I will as soon as i move and get myself sorted. I left my ex cos he was abusive so started all over again with nothing, so cant afford a holiday any time soon, but so much happier. It just takes time.

Maybee Mon 19-Mar-12 16:59:34

Go for it and enjoy. As long as you're organised you'll have a great time.

piratecat Mon 19-Mar-12 17:06:13

yep i would say do it too, you've been saving for this. Where are you going?

I have taken dd everywhere with me since she was 3, and we have had some great times.

We flew to the states when she was 3 and she was an angel on the plane, not a fuss, or a whinge. I appreciate your dc is younger, but as everyone has said it is a great bonding experience.

SJPConvention Fri 23-Mar-12 15:33:50

To the canary islands - i booked it last night. only 4ish hours flight and the resort is 20 minutes from the airport.
I will try my best at organised but that is not something i do well!

purpleroses Fri 23-Mar-12 18:54:40

Took my DD to the canaries when she was 8 months. (not alone, but have taken both DCs abroad to France on my own since) Tbh the flight was hard work - she was very wriggly. But if your DC is over a year, then you'll have paid for a seat presumably so that will make it much easier. Most airlines let you take the buggy right up to the plane, and don't count it in your luggage allowance.

You should be fine chatting to people when you're there - babies are good ice breaker. Take a good book for any times when you're alone, and train your DC to sleep well in a buggy so you can go out and about in the evenings.

SJPConvention Sat 24-Mar-12 01:21:13

No she will just have a seat with me - eek - i have prepared myself for 4 hours of walking up and down the aisles with her

i will try my best to be ultra friendly and chat to some parents!

slowginny Sat 24-Mar-12 20:33:59

I've just got back from an 8 hour flight to NYC with my 11.5mo, the flight was fine, absolutely no worries. I took my sling (PM me if you want more details about good slings) and it took the edge of things when she was tired. Best advice i got was to be prepared for delays on the flight and it won't stress you out. And introduce you LO to the cabin crew before take off and they'll get treated really well.

There's a Rough Guide to travelling worth babies you might be able to get our of the library, that was handy reading pre travelling.

We had a lovely time! Hope you will too x

purpleroses Sat 24-Mar-12 21:02:04

Oh yes, it's up til 2 that they can do that isn't it? You might well be lucky and find a seat with a spare seat next to it - most flights aren't completely full. But best thing is to make sure you eat beforehand as it's hard to juggle a flight meal and a toddler. But take food for DD as that will keep her occupied for a bit - also take a bottle or something to drink for her on the way down to help her ears. Maybe some felt tips and paper too if that will keep her happy for a bit.

But you'll manage somehow, I'm sure smile

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