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I'm starting to find it hard being single

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tammybear Wed 10-Aug-05 23:33:38

I know I havent posted on here for a while. Been quite busy.

It has been 6 months since I became single. At first, I thought it was great. I loved my confidence that I had, I loved that I didnt have anyone to listen to or answer to. I just loved it being myself and dd. But now I miss the little things.

I went out with NG a couple of times, then on my birthday I asked a guy to give me a call Funny enough he hasnt lol. I mean it was a good boost for me that I did it. But I saw him the week after, and he said he had lost his phone. I thought fair enough as he approached me first and I didnt even mention why he hadnt called me. He wasnt working the last time I went out (he works at a bar) and my friend made a joke that he was hiding from me. Lol, well as my mates say its his loss. lol

I'm also afraid of making a wrong choice again. Even one of my best mates thats a guy turned out to be a jackass and I'm starting to lose my faith a little.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a place where all the good men were stored altogether so we knew where to go!

milward Wed 10-Aug-05 23:37:11

Keep the confidence you had, believe in yourself. Hope you meet a good one soon - you deserve this xxx

giraffeski Wed 10-Aug-05 23:41:31

Message withdrawn

tammybear Wed 10-Aug-05 23:42:38

thanks milward

GS, pmsl. i think ill need that

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