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Mum + toddler looking for flatshare

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MamiLove Mon 31-May-10 00:00:25

Hi! I am a Spanish single mum of 31 with my daughter, who is almost 3. We are looking for a place to live in London and would like to share with another single parent.

If anybody is interested and would like to learn more about us, please send me a message.

(I hope it's OK to start this thread, I haven't seen anything about sharing or renting properties in Mumsnet... if it's not, please let me know.)

MamiLove Mon 31-May-10 00:17:56

Oh, sorry, forgot to say: I can pay 300 max 400pcm and would need the accommodation ASAP. Any area is OK as long as it's safe and has good transport links to central London.

Valpollicella Mon 31-May-10 00:19:15

Hey Mami

Might be worth posting on your local MN board? Just so more people locally to where ytou are would see it

Just as your OP could mean you're anywhere in the country (or even abroad!)

Good luck finding somewhere

MamiLove Mon 31-May-10 00:26:44

Thanks! I'll do that!

(sorry, I'm a newbie)

I am currently in Spain, but I've been living in Hammersmith for the last 6 months.

lowrib Mon 31-May-10 00:43:04

I noticed someone else advertising for a houseshare here recently, so you're not the only one. I think it's a great idea.

I think she might have found someone, but there was a dad who was looking to share too. Have a look at the thread here

If you don't find anywhere straight away, I'd keep trying. Personally I'd keep posting in this section if you're not tied to a particular area in London, as more people will see the ad (although it wouldn't hurt to put it in a local section as well of course).

lowrib Mon 31-May-10 00:44:33

Oh and welcome to mumsnet by the way! smile

MamiLove Sat 05-Jun-10 23:21:40

Thanks lowrib! I have found a place, but it's a bit too expensive... not sure we can afford it. I explain everything in the AIBU forum.

dani780 Thu 15-Sep-11 01:12:16

I'm a single mum with ¬a daughter of 2 years old. I'm looking to share my 3 bed house with another mother and child. £400pm inc bills rent half a house out ¬for room, I'm employed full time. Please contact me if interested.
Close to Thames Valley University, East Berkshire college, shopping centre and bus station.
Danielle 07946716770
Langley, Slough

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