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hi im newish x

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simone131182 Thu 07-Jul-05 22:08:37

hi im simone i have a dd of 4 and a half we live in kingston. Would like to meet other single parents as its quite lonely being a single mum x x

suddensingledad Thu 07-Jul-05 22:23:58

I used to live in New Malden near Kingston. There's a Gingerbread group near there, lots of single parents meeting up and supporting eachother. Afraid I can't remember the address, but it should be on the web. It can get a bit lonely being a single parent, its hard work. Mine are 3, 5 & 6. They have me run ragged.
Best o luck.

simone131182 Thu 07-Jul-05 22:25:36

thanks hun it makes a difference when u know u have got people u know what ur going through x x

suddensingledad Thu 07-Jul-05 22:42:01

Yea, I know what you mean. I'm stopping my career in three weeks to look after my younguns full time after struggling to hold down a fulltime job, since getting the children from the ex last November by court order. It's gonna be a new ball game for me. Social life got flushed down the pan. You roll with it you'll be fine. Even if there isn't anything near you then try the leisure centre, I remember the one in Kingston being excellent.

simone131182 Sun 10-Jul-05 14:59:48

hiya sorry it taken me a while to reply we been on our own for nearly three years due to d.v i am so much more of a stronger person now to what i was we love spending time together just me and dd

suddensingledad Mon 11-Jul-05 19:50:43

Three years a single parent.. does it get easier? I've had mine for the past 8 months, and I think it would have been easier if the ex wasn't such a pain. All the rest of my family work so I don't get much help there either. I'm throwing the towel in with my career as something had to give, but I'm looking forward to a career break for a couple of years. Work was becoming a real stress as the managers were piling it on. This will be the third 'career' change I've had, as being a single parent is as tough a job as I've ever had. That is being a good single parent, as I had them in after-school care and a nursery for the youngest, at the cost of several hundred pounds per month. But it wasn't benefitting them to have a parent who could barely keep the eyes open after a day's work whilst trying to help with the homework. Then there's the after school activities that were out of reach as the boss wouldn't let me go home early. I can live without the extra money so long as the kids are happier, and I can still afford to keep a car on the road. Do you get any help from your parents? Mine help at the weekend so I get some break from them. Being a single parent does make you a stronger person, but you need a break once in a while.

simone131182 Thu 14-Jul-05 15:54:09

hiya yeah its get easier as u go on i do get help frm my mum frm time to time dont get me wrong there are still a lot of hard times but the good def out weigh the bad x xx

honeypot01 Thu 14-Jul-05 21:37:25

hiya im single parent to a 3yr old lil boy and im in enfield, nth london

suddensingledad Sat 16-Jul-05 22:14:18

Hiya Simone
Hope u is well. There's a gingerbread group for single parents in Richmond, and u can contact them on I tried the one in Reading but it seems to have wound up. I don't think I'll bother with these groups. Not having much luck finding anything here, and I guess I'll only be embarrassed as I'd probably be the only guy there. When I stop working in a couple of weeks, I'll just take my 6 year old to football at every opportunity, and my 5 year old to drama classes, and drive down the coast every other weekend whilst the weather holds up. john

simone131182 Sun 17-Jul-05 17:13:06

hi john thanks for that i dont think u would be the only male there there are a lot of single dads out there i hope u do find something that helps u there is a single parents connection email group that is full of single dads u can join it by going to they are all so freindly on there mums and das i found them all a real help and they are all very supportive i hope this helps simone x x

suddensingledad Sun 17-Jul-05 23:20:46

Thanks Simone,
tried that address, but it got me to a dating agency or something. Guess I'm typing it in wrong. Nermind. Have a nice week. John

simone131182 Mon 18-Jul-05 16:14:52

hiya david im really sorry i got the email wrong its i was having a mad day yesturday its quite good fun some evenings when the littlens are in bed and it makes a change to talk to adults sometimes lol. also the emails are all filtered so there arent rude or offensive either really hope u find it to be of some use x x

suddensingledad Mon 18-Jul-05 22:11:03

Nahh, not working. My PC needs chucking, it crashes when I try to access some websites, and I can't get into this one. I'll see if I can access it of my pc at work.

simone131182 Fri 22-Jul-05 16:02:45

hiya hope ur ok try and send an email just saying a bit about urself and see what happens x x

suddensingledad Sat 23-Jul-05 23:46:29

Hi Simone
reckon I'll give this website a break 4 a while, and I'll have a go at that website you recommend after I've finished these last two weeks of my notice. It's really busy at the moment, and the ex has kicked up as I've changed the schools of my 5 & 6 year olds. You've been really helpful and I'd like to stay in touch if thats ok. Drop me a line on
it'd be nice to hear from u again.
J x

jollymum Sun 24-Jul-05 08:25:02

Hey, don't leave completely. Dads are always welcome on here. Noice to meet youYou sound like you're doing a great job with your kids. It is tough to walk into groups as a Dad, but the group I run likes having dads around (in fact one or two of my "mums" are quite flirty!}jollymum

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