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Reading Lone Parents

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suddensingledad Thu 07-Jul-05 00:08:27

Does anyone know of any single parent groups in the Reading area? Been a single parent to my three young children all under the age of 6 since last November. It took me several months to master tying my little girls hair back, though I'm still not getting it right. I hate hair clips. I'm feeling a bit knarked off as I handed in my resignation today, can't do full time parent and full time job. Gearing up for a few years of being full-time dad.

sheepgomeep Thu 07-Jul-05 18:27:19

Hi suddensingledad

I'm not from the reading area so I don't know exactly what there is out there. I'm just wondering if there is a Gingerbread group near you? I've no experience with them but thinking about joining them myself. Also try Homestart. This is a voluntary organisation that helps parents with all parenting difficulties including single parents. I've been part of them now for 3 years and they are an enormous help. I get a volunteer and also go to the parent group. your HV should be able to put you in touch with these organisations or you can contact them via the internet .
Sorry I couldn't be off more help I'm sure someone else will be along soon to give more info!!

Hats off to you by the way. I struggle being a single parent to two children under 6 let alone 3!!

suddensingledad Thu 07-Jul-05 20:51:20

tried the Gingerbread group but didn't get a response, might have disbanded. I think there's a homestart near me, will give it a go when I leave work in August.

swiperfox Thu 07-Jul-05 20:52:37

I've lived in Reading all my life - whereabouts in Reading are you? If I dont know offhand I can certainly find out from my Mum for you......

suddensingledad Thu 07-Jul-05 20:58:31

I moved to Northumberland Ave. about 3 months ago. Haven't really looked round the area as I still work full-time, haven't had much time as the children keep me busy. I tend to take them to the leisure centre and let them run out of steam in the soft play.

swiperfox Thu 07-Jul-05 21:00:22

ok i know where you are.......will try and get a load of info and get back to you soon as i can

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