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Need a solicitor!

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vicimelly Wed 29-Jun-05 13:26:23

Having a bad time with ex at the moment (don't want to go into the whole story!)
But he's now gotton himself a solicitor and I need to find myself one, but don't know where to start!
I need a good family law solicitor in Liverpool, I'm on benefits so presumably I would get legal aid!???

I have no idea!! lol

Does anyone have any recommendations?

starlover Wed 29-Jun-05 13:50:21

no, but bumping for you!

zipzip Tue 05-Jul-05 10:25:18

Sorry I can't help you with a specific solicitor.
Are their any womens groups you could contact and ask their advice. There's bound to be a good solicitor for your needs and sometimes these groups know the best. A general enquiry may result in a general solicitor iykwim. You want the best!

I don't know your circumstances, but i'd like to add some advice - start now with written stuff, diaries etc. The more you can give your solicitor the better.

Good luck

PaigeMorgan Wed 06-Jul-05 09:46:00

been here. still here.

go to citizens advice- yes u will get legal aid. have u recieved anything from his solicitor???

cab will give u all the information u need.

good luck hun

gigglinggoblin Wed 06-Jul-05 09:49:44

not all solicitors can accept legal aid. ring round some local ones - if they say they dont do it ask who they recommend who does - they often know who is the best. and if you get to see one you dont have to stick with them. i saw one who was crap but didnt like to cause upset by changing. couple of years down the line im back to square one because rubbish solicitor didnt get thinigs sorted properly - made sure i got a good one this time tho! good luck.

nearly40 Wed 06-Jul-05 10:03:02

Hi sorry to hear about your problems, it must be very stressful. I suggest you contact the Law Society, they will have a list of firms in your area that do family law and legal aid. Sorry, I'm computer illiterate so can't do links!! but just type in Law Society on google and you should get there.

Lizzylou Wed 06-Jul-05 10:12:55

Just had a look on The Legal 500....

These are v good firms which do do Legal Aid..

Mace and Jones - Carole Atkinson 0151 236 8989
Morecroft Sols - Helen Broughton 0151 236 8871
Cuff Roberts - Patricia Cottrell 0151 237 7777

The people mentioned are Heads of Depts, they head up strong teams which are highly regarded in this area of work.... good luck!

suddensingledad Thu 07-Jul-05 20:14:08

Most family lawyers on the high street will do the job for you. What you need to be clear on is what you want, and then be ruthless from the start about achieving it. I made the mistake when I split with the ex by trying to be concilliatory (we have three children, so at the time thought it was the best course), but if you let the solicitors instruct you instead of the other way round, the whole process gets dragged out with uneccessary extra hearings. I've had one and a half years of it and it ain't over yet, and that's because I flaffed about at the outset. I guess what I'm saying is that if you decide to go to a solicitor, then you take the gloves off and concede nothing.
Good luck

edodgy Thu 07-Jul-05 20:18:25

Hi, im from liverpool and recently had dealings with a brilliant solicitor named julian lander of Woolwich, Lander and Savage based in allerton road. He's very efficient and totally professional.
56a Allerton Road, Mossley Hill, Liverpool, Merseyside L18 1LW
Tel: 01517335807

Hope this helps x

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