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What is WRONG with him?

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RealityBites Wed 11-Nov-09 19:03:18

Message withdrawn

MyCatIsABiggerBastardThanYours Wed 11-Nov-09 19:06:25

Obviously you know this, but at least he's proving that you are well shot of him.

I'm sorry it's happening though.

RealityBites Wed 11-Nov-09 19:07:59

Message withdrawn

Knickers0nMaHead Wed 11-Nov-09 19:11:54

What a horrible bastard!

MyCatIsABiggerBastardThanYours Wed 11-Nov-09 19:12:40

What a pillock!

Sometimes I am gobsmacked at the shear stupidness and self centredness of people.

I hope it all stops soon for you.

RealityBites Wed 11-Nov-09 19:17:27

Message withdrawn

DutchGirly Wed 11-Nov-09 19:44:05

Don't delete his sister, it is not her fault that this is happening.

You can change the settings in fb so he will not be able to see you as her friend.

Go to Setttings (next to your name on top of page about middle of the page)

Privacy Settings

Privacy Search Change Setting to Friends ONly

Block him as well so he can't contact you and he will not be able to find you in Facebook. You can block him in Privacy as well.

Hope this helps.

RealityBites Wed 11-Nov-09 19:46:46

Message withdrawn

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