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Hi,,,I'm new

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JJ09 Wed 04-Nov-09 12:00:52

Hi everyone,

I'm new to mumsnet and very new to being a'lone parent'.

My husband (of two months!!) walked out on me and our 8 month old son a few weeks ago. He couldn't deal with my PND and wants me to get better before he'll consider having a relationship with me.

I'm feeling a whole host of emotions, last week I was sad, this week I'm angry. I'm not struggling with looking after my son on my own, he's a delight and a very easy baby. But the evenings are hard and I hate all the instability I face now.

Just looking for some support really, I don't know any other single parents


GypsyMoth Wed 04-Nov-09 12:01:54

hello and welcome!

benjysmum Wed 04-Nov-09 12:10:15

Welcome. This is a really good place to vent. grin

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