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Frustrated - ex's lack of interest in arrangements

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popcorn123 Tue 27-Oct-09 22:35:31

Ex sees dc's one overnight 2-3 weekends/month. Doesn't really see them in the week. Have struggles to pin him down on fixed times.
Anyway he have been on annual leave last week and this week and asked to see them more and said he could have one overnight.
I texted and said Tuesday, he got back to me at 11pm last night but we decided it was too late to sort things and made it Wednesday.

This means he will pick up ds1 school and ds2 from nursery and deal with tea/homework etc and get them back there the next day.
He knows where the school is but has never been and doesn't know name/location of nursery. He said if I give him the postcode he will check on GPS.
I have sent him an e-mail the details etc and text to tell him to check his e-mail. No reply- he hasn't phone to check what is happening.
I need to know that a - he will actually do this and b whether ds1 will go to out of school club so I can let them know. Plus he needs to collect all their stuff.

It is 10.30pm -I need to go to bed and will leave for work t 7.45am.
I am so annoyed that he wants to do this but them cannot be bothered to show an interest.

leeanne1407 Wed 28-Oct-09 16:04:25

I think you can only give him so many chances becuase i dnt think its fair on the kids my sons only 2 so doesnt notice as much but his dad will say hes coming on this day but never arrives and when i finally get hold of him he says he couldnt be bothered with the traveling ot whatever so ive just stoped it now if he wants to see his son then its fine i would never stop him but i wont make any arrangments with him if he wants to see him he knows were he lives and hes never wanted him overnight so thats not a prob
anyways i would just go pick up the kids as normal because by the sounds of things he prob wont turn up and last thing u want is the kids to be left waiting on somebody to collect them

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