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arghh! I love them but I am going crazy on my own with my two toddlers every weekend

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Meglet Sun 25-Oct-09 21:05:07

Friday tea-time to Monday morning, just me and 2 toddlers. We get a few minutes of fun all weekend, the rest of it is me trying to get 2.11yo ds to behave / get dressed etc and stopping adrenaline junkie 13mo dd from climbing up and hurling herself off something. I have been bitten (dd has found her teeth), hit, screamed at and been jumped on and winded all weekend, so much for snuggling on the sofa sad.

If XP was paying maintenance I could afford to take them out somewhere fun (not just the library or the park) or go out for a meal (they are great when we eat out). But we are stuck in most of the time so I can catch up on chores / admin or am cooking from scratch so I can save money and feed them well.

I wish I could enjoy them more, they are gorgeous and cute, but there are always tantrumns to defuse and nappies to change. Monday it's back to work and I feel like I hardly see them in the week as I work 3.5 days a week.

Rant over, this weekend has not been fun.

<<deep breathes>>

MatNanPlus Sun 25-Oct-09 21:18:00

Sorry you've had a tought weekend Meglet

What about indoor games and singalongs, even if it is just you and teddy and dolly to start with your ds will join in as they don't like to miss out.

MatNanPlus Sun 25-Oct-09 21:19:22

can you rearrange things so dd can climb but is safe like sofa cushions on floor infront of sofa?

Dining chairs on their backs and made into a fort/tent?

janx Sun 25-Oct-09 21:25:05

Take them out and wear them out - honestly I can't cope being inside for two long with my two 5 and 22 months - especially the youngest - i turn my back and he is climbing up the bookshelves are doing a great job - esp on your own

jkklpu Sun 25-Oct-09 21:27:00

Poor you. I expect you're exhausted, which doesn't help and I've always hated Sunday evenings since I was a child, even though I liked school.

Even if it seems repetitive for you, I think kids of this age LOVE going to the park. And as the weather's getting less predictable and darker, it's good to get them outside to tire themselves out and I always feel better after fresh air myself. My ds are now just 4 and 2 tomorrow and we're really lucky that we live next to a fantastic park with ducks, hills, lots of space to ride bikes and scooters, a big playground and just lots of space to run. If it's dry, even if cold, we often take sandwiches and have a picnic on a bench so we can stay out for longer. And even if it's pouring with rain we make it into a puddle expedition and they exhaust themselves running up and down long deep puddles. I suppose 2 boys may be more easily pleased by doing all this but it's free and there's enough variety going to different bits of the park that it's not just the same each day. There's much less tension between the 2 when we're out and the little one (also totally reckless and will jump off anything/run without stopping anywhere) has space to feel free and tire himself out.

It's great that there's a library you can go to. Are there any museums with kids' activities on some days? Or just with big spaces to run around? If they are properly tired, they might be more up for sitting on your knee to read for a bit in the afternoon and/or watch a DVD with you, so you can get a sit-down as well. Even just dancing to music in your front room can be fun. Do you get some time with your dc1 when the little one has a nap? This can be quite precious time to do things with the elder one, even if it's just drawing pictures, icing digestive biscuits or playing catch.

Can you save a bit of the chore time by cooking in big batches to fill the freezer so, at least at the weekends, you can just warm up things you know they like instead of having all the preparation and washing-up to do? I try to put a wash on before I go to bed and take it out before breakfast so at least I know something is done before everything cranks up for a full-on day?

And can you plan the odd thing for yourself, even just a phone call to a good friend in the evening when the kids are in bed or a long bath with your favourite music playing? Just something to feel that you've had a break from being a mother for a while.

Look after yourself. I'm sure your kids are lovely and hope you get a rest every so often.

Meglet Sun 25-Oct-09 21:27:34

Thank you MNP. Good idea about the dining chairs smile. I do try and put cushions by the sofa but both the dc's knock them out the way within minutes and its laminate floor underneath. I'm hoping it will only be a week or two before she can get off the sofa safely hmm.

I am seriously thinking about some Disney dvd's, I could happily sing along to some of them. If I ply the dc's with enough snacks they might sit still. I used to go in the garden with ds but dd tries to eat everything now and isn't 100% walking yet, until she is safer out there I feel stuck inside.

Chants, "this too will pass........"

Meglet Sun 25-Oct-09 21:37:53

janx & jkklpu You're right about the park doing them good. I tend to forget that just because I'm bored of it it doesn't mean the dc's are. We live near lots of parks, but after 3 years of having dc's I know every bit of graffiti off by heart grin.

Next weekend I will make a yummy picnic and drag them out. There is a nice family museum near me too, in fact I expect the dc's are free so it wouldn't be an expensive day out, I will pencil that in on the calendar too!

janx Sun 25-Oct-09 21:42:14

I find parks boring at times - but kids love them - Get yourself a nice coffee, make small talk with other parents, enjoying watching your kids as they enjoy the simple pleasures in life - kicking leaves, chasing pigeons, going on the slide for the zillionth time...stay OUT for as long as you can. I am a much better parent when out in the fresh air

splishsplosh Sun 25-Oct-09 21:53:45

Hi Meglet
I find it much easier is we get outside every day, but find the park hard at this stage with dd2 not walking yet - so she wants to crawl (not so good this time of year) or be zoomed up and down the slide numerous times, while dd1 is calling "watch me, watch me" all the time..

We do puddle splashing, animal feeding, collecting (for sticking later) autumn things, washing outdoor toys in the garden, short ferry trips where I don't have to pay for the dc, short trains rides, library, book shops, toy shops, museums,... but i do struggle, especially at the moment, so you have my sympathy

Meglet Sun 25-Oct-09 22:00:19

oooo, scrap books for leaf collections <<brain wave moment>>

thank you splish

i take a book to the park, they can fart about as long as they want that way grin

and who cares about weather. get some waterproofs and wellies. you can waste hours jumping in puddles.

<juicy secretly loves this more than dc blush>

we also like hunting for worms blush

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