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Ex didn't turn up to get kids from school today - and then blamed it on me!!!

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Leslaki Fri 23-Oct-09 18:07:45

AAARGHHHH!!!! He is such a prat. Kids due to go to his tonight for a sleepover and back to me tomorrow. He asked to pick them up from school and had to ask me AGAIN what time school ended so I texted back the correct time. I work int he school and the kids came racing down to me after school all upset cos daddy wasn't there. We searched the playground and humg around for 20 mins but no daddy. DS (7) was struggling to hold it together and as soon as we got to the car he bawled his eyes out - he was gutted. DD (6)didn't seem to acre and was only annoyed that she would miss drama and have to go into work with me. Anyway got home and 10 mins later he drives up - DS still crying. Super Dad gets out the car and says to DS 'you surely didn't think i would forget you or leave you at school?' (whioch he did!!) then turns on me saying why had I told him school's out at 3.30 and not 3.15 - telling the kids I'd deliberately told him the wrong time!! Great - telling them that I am as bad as him and would want to upset them. I told him I had sent the right time to him and as I still ahve the text will prove it to the kids tomorrow. But - Oh God he makes me so angry - how dare he upset my DCs again?!! Apparently eh went to the school at 3.30 (obviously he didn't as we were still there then) and claims he has also told the Head (my boss) that I gaave him the worng time!! AAARRRGGGHH!!! he makes me SO mad! My poor babies! Sorry to rant but needed to!

citronella Fri 23-Oct-09 18:32:33

Can you have serious words with him. Including that unless he can commit properly to pick ups and drop offs you don't trust him to pick them up anywhere else than from yours?

SarahMac30 Mon 26-Oct-09 12:19:36

What a prick!!!! Why he would need to be told in the first place what time school finshes when your DCs are age 6 & 7. Not like they only just started last week. He should not be putting you down in front of them either. That's classed as emotional abuse. I could quite easily lamp the guy myself.....grrrr angry

Leslaki Mon 26-Oct-09 22:31:11

Thanks guys - he plays games all the time - strings pulled by psycho NW! DS was so upset all Sunday - X really does push me to the limit. AAAAARRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!

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