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exP can see his son on his birthday but choosing not to! so irritating

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cestlavielife Fri 23-Oct-09 12:40:18

after having had exP crying in court to judge about not being able to see his ds on birthdays because of needing supervised contact etc - pvsly was contact centre so wasnt possible to coincide with birthday.

so - today is ds birthday and exP can see him; but isnt!

i texted exP to say DS was off school (INSET day) with carer today - his birthday - so they could meet and he could liaise with her.

he texted back some of his usual random stuff about he is "not capable and strong" "i know being with you all in our family was a lot of my strength and encouragement"
then "there has to be some positive good and contribution that i have done for you all".

carer has texted him to ask where to meet him but has had no response! is soo irritating.

just annoying...

and will make exP look stoopid at next court hearing...

he ahs been so intense about saying how abusive i am to him in not allowing contact on birthdays (not not allowing - just not been able to set up supervised on the exact day)

ChocHobNob Fri 23-Oct-09 17:18:29

It's good that you have evidence, via the Carer, that he has chosen not to pursue contact when offered it. x

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