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I've just cut my hours to 16 per week and am panicking already.

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JollyPirate Fri 16-Oct-09 22:22:23

As the title says I have seen my manager today and cut my hours from 35.5 a week to 16 from the first week in November.

The reason I have done this is for DS who is nearly 7. DS is struggling at school, cannot read and has just been diagnosed with developmental coordination disorder (dyspraxia). I am currently in the process of asking the LEA to carry out a Statutory Assessment of his needs as he currently receives 15 hours of one to one support a week in school. The LEA sent me a form to complete and a second one to do with DS. One of the questions in DS's form asked him what he was good at doing in school and his reply after a short pause was "I'm completely not good at anything" sad

His self esteem is rock bottom and he has absolutely no confidence in himself. Part of the reason behind cutting my hours so drastically is so I can take him to after school groups such as trampolining which the OT says will be good for him. The other reason for such a drastic drop is that financially I will struggle more on 27.5 hours (the other option which would allow me to collect DS from school every day) as I would get no state help. Bizarrely it appears I will be better off working less hours - something I need to consider as a lone parent.

I am very anxious about it all as I have never had to claim anything like housing benefit before. I am in private rented accommodation and am petrified that the HB won't come through in time to pay December's rent. I am doing this for DS but it's going to be so hard for me money wise. My ex (who lives 200 miles away) has said he will do what he can to give me a bit extra each month so I can do this. My goal is to increase DS's self esteem in any way I can.

How quickly does HB come through? Is it worth warning the letting agent that December's rent may be late or a partial payment? I have never ever paid late or missed a rent payment so I am a good tenant. Are they likely to give me a hard time over this though. I wouldn't be doing this if DS was settled and happy in school but he's not. He's floundering and hating it, if I don't do something now he will be lost to education. I want to help him but am worried about the bills and rent etc. It's going to be so tough.

allgonebellyup Sat 17-Oct-09 14:08:39

HB generally depends on the council that is dealing with.
In the town i live in now, it was sorted out within one week which was brilliant, but when i lived in Sheffield, obviously a huge city with a huge backlog of applications, it took THREE years. sad but they did backdate it for the whole three years so one day i received a cheque for nearly 10 grand!!

And yes it seems to be true that if you only work 16hrs you are entitled to a lot of help but not if you work any more than that, its mad! But i do work 30 hrs a week and receive 200 tax credits a week. So not too bad.

allgonebellyup Sat 17-Oct-09 14:09:22

the council that is dealing with IT.

flowerpotwoman Tue 20-Oct-09 13:52:17

Hi Jollypirate,

Don't know anything about HB, but just wanted to say well done for putting your son first and taking the decision to cut your hours at work. Hope your extra input will boost his confidence. smile

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