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any lone parents who are students?

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mummylou85 Fri 09-Oct-09 12:07:31

Hi as new law comes in and not in work by age 7 income support is stopped and job seekers is in place. my daughter just turned 4 so i want to do a degree.

the thing is i'm worrying if I could afford to study for teacher training degree. I did a year at uni but dropped out when I had my daughter because I weren't entitled to any benfits or nothing for baby while I was student also I wanted to take time off with my daughter being a single mum. my friend was in similar situation and just started her degree and cos she dropped out have been refused funding. now she is appealing?? now i'm worried because government moans about people on benefits but when i try and make the right step forward for me and my daughter barriers are put up?? does anyone have knowledge on being student and how much help with anything like rent. if appeal against funding would they accept having a baby as an excuse. sorry i'm in a rush and this is not making sense.. grrr. shame there no jobs in school hours. i might add I have 2 A's and B a levles so qulaifications getting back into uni are not problem got to say I am more focussed at 23 then I was at 18 xxxx

Wilts Fri 09-Oct-09 12:11:00

Did you have student loans when you did your year before?

Dh also did one year at 18 then dropped out, he does have funding for his degree now, but we had to pay back the outstanding loan first.

pandaiis Fri 09-Oct-09 17:13:03

I live in ni so it might be slightly different but we get grants available through our library boards for both further and higher education, parental learning allowances and childcare means tested up to 85% and of course if you're going to uni you can apply for a loan.

One thing to note though is that you have to declare any money you receive through grants to the benefits office and it may affect what you are currently getting.

I think also in England they do an adult learning award of say £30 or so per week.

Have a look on the direct gov website. Good luck.

onadietcokebreak Fri 09-Oct-09 17:16:16

You need to look at student loans on direct gov. Income support will stop when you start a degree. Housing benefit will be awarded based on your income.

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