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can cafcass change the recommendation because exhas turned back up ?

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RubyBelle Thu 08-Oct-09 21:25:34

help please long story
abusive ex - finding of fact proven
he failed to instruct solicitor and went awol for over a year then got back in touch

this time round had a cafcass report done but ex went awol again confirmed by his own parent to cafcass officer who has done his report and filed a recommendation of no direct contact because of him going awol and the hostility between both familys!
but today he has got back in touch saying he has moved house and didnt know cafcass where getting in touch
is this a good enough reason surely he made an appt with the officer and just because he has moved he can still contact cafcass of his own solicitor !
im not rep in court as i dont qualify for legal aid he does but his cerf is under review because he has being working & not telling LSC and also not turning up for apps

does anyone know if cafcass will order another report or just amend it because he has "moved" again?
help needed please

DLI Fri 09-Oct-09 19:31:19

i think they will ask the cafcass officer to prepare an addendum report, which is a mini report updating the court as to what has happened and their recommendation

GypsyMoth Sat 10-Oct-09 22:08:10

yes. have just had an addendum myself as the ex had been 'away' in a psychiatric hospital for a while.

RubyBelle Mon 12-Oct-09 05:36:51

i love tiff what did they recommend ? i think mine will go to a contested hearing is that usally the case will they still recommend no direct contact surely moving house is not a good enough reason?

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