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Single for 15 months and...

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MagicMummy09 Tue 06-Oct-09 12:58:14

I'm so ready to meet someone, but every time I meet someone they either mess me about or I get scared!

I met this guy on Saturday and he was really nice, we chatted for ages and exchanged numbers and the next day he texted me saying he was moving house then out of the country till Christmas with work so couldn't meet up!

Is it just me or is that a total cop-out?!

Where did all the nice men go, or have I missed the boat?!

x x

longagegap Tue 06-Oct-09 21:04:13

Hi dont be so hard on yourself , i've been single 2 years now and i'm happy with it , at times i would like to meet someone but its the starting all over that puts me off or meeting the wrong ones lol , I do think that a lot more people are enjoying being single now and thats why there isnt many nice men around or even were you are meeting them , people say it happens when your not looking , and i'm sure in time you will meet the right one for you , all best of luck x

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