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TheMitsubishiWarrioress Sun 04-Oct-09 20:57:46

I am a fairly new lone parent. 'H' walked out at the end of june and mostly I think I have been doing OK keeping on top of everything.

House isn't too much of a bombsite, school runs, docs appointments, home work, getting them to and from know all the stuff.

But I have just flipped out because I am fed up of tidying up, silly simple things that at 11 and 6 my DC's should be able to do a bit.

I was a shouty mummy and I am annoyed with myself and sad because their Father was a shouty man and they hated it and feel like I have let them down tonight.

Had a tense day because we all went to see 'MIL', DS had a meltdown and cried about his Dad's drinking and they struggle to go to see MIL because she can be really hard work.

I spent an hour trying to tidy DD's room and set DS up to start his homework, when I went down he was on computer games, so I stayed to motivate hiom a bit and when I went back to DD's room she had undone most of the tidying up I had done IN 10 MINUTES.

I have work to do, IBS symptoms because going to 'MIL's' house stresses me up, I am tired and just want to sit and......well just sit would be nice.

How do you do it all, stay sane and find some time for yourself?...waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now DS has just come and offered to make me a cup of tea sadsadsad

alypaly Sun 04-Oct-09 22:28:11

hi again Mitsubishi...i am the one that has been single forever it feels 15 years to be exact and the kids dont get any better. Mine are now 21 and 16 and the 21 year old brings his washing home from uni .mind you im daft enough to do it. You do get into a horrible routine of just tidying up and it almost becomes like OCD.... I love going out to play you play any sport?

TheMitsubishiWarrioress Mon 05-Oct-09 07:10:20


Hi alypaly.

I am 0K really. One of those days and I just wanted to veg out and have a long bath..

I think I just needed a litle rant...

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