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Went to a lovely bring and share lunch at church today but I suddenly felt overcome with loneliness

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citronella Sun 04-Oct-09 16:00:06

This is my regular church, I knew lots of people and the associates try so hard to make everyone welcome. But I couldn't finish my pudding because I had to go off and sob.
I always put on a happy, busy, person juggling work & kids on my own and in control face, and most of the time I am that person but today I just feel so so sad and lonely sad

Campingqueen Sun 04-Oct-09 16:51:04

Citronella, you were just having 'one of those' moments.

Church folk can IMHO give off that 'aren't we soo happy in our coupledom' vibe, that even regular couples feel lacking/lonely

Are you happy being single or do would you like to meet someone?

Didn't want you to be left hanging...

Campingqueen x

citronella Sun 04-Oct-09 17:46:01

Thanks Campingqueen, I'd wandered off thinking this would just disappear into unanswered messages.

I think it's me rather than them.

I'm quite happy being single (after a difficult marriage)but I just wish I had someone sometimes to share things with. A Friday in night with a bottle of wine, shopping etc. I feel like I am becoming a bit invisible as a woman/person and am just seen as DCs' mum. Maybe its my own fault because when people ask me "how are you?" I will always say "fine really busy".

Sometimes think I need a gay best friend.

Campingqueen Sun 04-Oct-09 18:45:35

Don't we all citronella wink

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