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Holiday as a single parent?

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bellbottom Sun 27-Sep-09 20:09:04


My daughter is 19 months. I live abroad. For years my holiday has only been to visit my parents in the uk.

I feel scared at the thought of venturing away with her, and wouldn;t know where to start. How can you make sure it's a holiday for the both of you?

I would never leave her with a stranger. But I'd also like to go somewhere where I benefit from some sort of relxation, if that's possible.

Does anyone have any tips for holiday experiences worth trying? I'd like to have ideas now in advance of nexy year, as it would probably take me that long to get the courage to go anywhere!


mrsmortenharket Thu 01-Oct-09 12:46:28

i don't know as i can't go away yet so haven't bothered looking. hope someone else can help you soon xx

cestlavielife Thu 01-Oct-09 13:27:11

do a search on single parent holiday or lone parent holiday there have been other mn threads

Phoenix4725 Mon 05-Oct-09 07:41:15

being honest its nota holiday as such , less you can go half board/fully inclusive so not having to cook /wash up .I took my 4 dc away for 3 days to hotel which we used as base and it really felt like holiday could just concertrate on teh fun stuff.

lindsaygii Wed 14-Oct-09 20:27:06

There's a site called Single With Kids who do holidays... I haven't been on any, but the posters there seem keen.

Meglet Wed 14-Oct-09 20:34:15

I have no idea how it works, I'm finding out next year when I take mine to Cornwall, they'll be 3 & 1. I'm starting to panic about how I'm going to deal with the long drive and stop for nappy & toilet changes. <<nervous laughter>>

But we are staying somewhere rather luxurious and near the beach that I've heard is great for small children. If it rains we won't have to get out in the car just to get out of a crappy chalet and we can just walk to the beach in wellies.

notevenamousie Thu 15-Oct-09 08:59:34

It's great - full on and not restful but great. Somewhere selfcatering works best for me and dd - not sure I would take her abroad to somewhere I don't speak the language though. We had an amazing time at Center Parcs which I never imagined would be my thing but there was loads to do and we were both really happy.

SingleMum01 Thu 15-Oct-09 09:13:59

I've been to the same place for the last 5 years! Calan Bosch in Menorca, as notevenamousie says its not particularly restful when they're young, but this is a great resort for young children. I confess we spend most days in the 'Goody Park' - 10 euros a day - it has bouncy castles a ball park, small pool, entertainment for the kids. It means I get a sit in the sun while my DS gets to play with other kids in a safe-ish environment - although I'd never take my eyes off him of course.

stardust86 Thu 15-Oct-09 10:44:18

I've been on a Single With Kids holiday and they're brill, we made loads of new friends. They haven't got all their trips up yet for next year but I'm watching carefully assome were fully booked this year and I missed out.
It's much easier going on holiday with other single parents, I really miss adult company when we're out by ourselves.

lindsaygii Fri 16-Oct-09 19:22:49

I think I'll try them then. Usually I go away diving on my own, but somehow I don't think that's going to work with a baby in tow... (

lottysmum Fri 16-Oct-09 22:10:10

I'm a member of the single parent travel club ...which is brilliant if you just want to pay the cost of the holiday. It's a club run by members for you can arrange your own and when you like and advertise them for's non profit making and works very well.

I;ve arranged a few holidays for next year...some cheap (£50pp on the coast for a week in August!) ...some expensive but compared to Mango,Small Families and SWK save lots of money...I think SWK are advertsing a Florida holiday at Easter which is £700 more expensive than what we have paid...and we are in a 5* villa on a 5* resort.... Mango/Small Families and SWK are you get something for the extra money you pay.....which is a comfort...and a couple of those companies are also bonded ABTA and ATOL which is really important....given current crisis with airlines.

The great thing is at the moment SP's now have more choice

Leslaki Sat 17-Oct-09 10:41:51

I've gone here on my own with my 2 dcs for the last 2 years. It;s fab - got everything you need and as it's camping (mobile home!!) it's very sociable - I've met loads of people sitting outside in the evening having a glass of wine!

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