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rumdontbotherreplyingmum Sat 26-Sep-09 18:51:20

I've been seperated about a year now and decided to move on in life and have joined POF..
please can someone tell me the ettiquet of the site... do you just write to someone you like the look off? I mean, what sort of things do you say... do you bother to reply to everyone? So far I've had a 60 year old man send me a picture of him mowing his lawn with his top off...

also I didn't realise that when I added someone in favourits they could see that you'd done it as well, until someone added me!

any tips gratefully received

lou33 Sat 26-Sep-09 18:55:40

haha @ man with lawnmower grin

i used it for ages, havent used it for months now

i had some good dates from it, made some friends etc

email if you want to, dont reply if you feel there is no point, well thats what i used to do

i cant say i had any disasters from my experiences, but i didnt find anyone i could have seen myself with long term

i think its best to use it as a bit of fun without building hopes up

maybe you should specify an age range if you havent already?

rumdontbotherreplyingmum Sat 26-Sep-09 20:21:14

Hi Lou, I've specified an age, and distance and nearly fell off the chair when I recognised someone from RL who I see every week!

Think your right about treating this as a bit off fun, just wondered, would you add someone as a favourite, or just contact them? how many people did you contact at once and have on the 'go' so to speak....

I didn't realise I was so fickle in looks and appearence.. saw a nice guy then saw he wore RED trousers... and thats just a no no as far as I'm concerned... <<sigh>>

also is it me or did you find most of the men either looked like Ricky Gervais or Phil Mitchell!

lou33 Sat 26-Sep-09 21:41:23

hahah , i know exactly what you mean, which is why i didnt bother replying unless it was to someone who sparked my interest in some way

tbh i never bothered having a favourite list, i just emailed who i wanted to, and if i got on i was going to remember who they were anyway

you should join us on this thread grin

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