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Can't stop thinking about a lovely man I met today ...... what do you think?

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mummytowillow Thu 24-Sep-09 21:39:34

I've been in my new job for three weeks now, its going really well and I'm meeting loads of people!

Today I spent the day shadowing a man who I will be making work related referrals to, the minute I set eyes on him there was a spark (well for me there was) wink He is blumming lovely! Not the usual man I would go for but definately something about him?

We have not stopped chatting all day, about everything really, his divorce, my impending divorce, kids (his are grown up and left home) mine is only 2, what he likes to do etc etc. He made a big deal about him having his house to himself and that his kids have flown the nest (he was a single dad), he is 10 years older than me and I asked him if was single and he is.

We went to M&S for lunch and he made a joke about getting bits and bobs for his Friday night treat of cheese and wine which is his treat to himself after a hard week at work?? Push the boat out eh!! And he knows I don't really socialise as I'm a single parent and I said it sounded really nice.

So, I couldn't stop thinking about him and how much I fancy him! So when I got back to work I sent him a text just saying thanks for today as it had been useful and if he needed help to eat the cheese and olives give me a shout, all very jokey?? He replied 'it was nice to meet you to, I look forward to working with you'

So girls, was I too pushy sending the text (I'm thinking I was) and is that a reply from someone who 'may' be interested? If its not, how should I play this now, I will see him every three weeks at work and be in regular contact via the phone/text.

Help me out, I'm so useless at this dating stuff!! blush

Ewe Thu 24-Sep-09 21:42:10

I don't think the "I look forward to working with you" is terribly positive but he might just have concerns about getting too close to someone at work.

I think it is a case of time will tell, keep your relationship professional and friendly and see what develops.

sparkybint Thu 24-Sep-09 21:49:02

Agree with Ewe, just be friendly and see what develops.

He's had a nice time with you and know you think so too. You have no idea what's going on in his life so you have to sit back and see what happens. Hard I know but sounds great that your new job is going well.

curiositykilled Fri 25-Sep-09 18:34:57

Yeah, I think "I look forward to working with you" could be a hint that he knows you are interested but wants to keep things just as a working relationship. This could be for a number of reasons.

I think you have done it all right up till now. You liked him and you have made him aware of this in a subtle, easy way.

From now I would just keep things simple, spend time with him at work in a professional capacity, wait for him to make a move. See what happens.

Well done, don't be embarrassed. My first relationship after XP, we were friends for ages, I jumped on him and snogged him rather embarrassingly and then announced it to the world as a relationship way too early - that was rather embarrassing! lol That one ended up going a bit pear shaped but was fun and I married the next one

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