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I really need a shag!

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poshsinglemum Wed 23-Sep-09 10:15:12

DD is 15 months so I can't get out much plus have no money to socialise.
I havn't had sex for two years and I'm starting to get desperate for sex. I am getting down about it. Even if I do meet a nice man or just a man with a pulse how do we have spontaneous dirty sex with a one year old around? I'm mourning my freedomn again.
I do have a rampant rabbit and it's good but nothing beats a real man you know?
How do you lot cope with sexual frustration. I don't understand how I will ever have a sex life again. sad

notevenamousie Wed 23-Sep-09 17:44:32

There are benefits to 1 year olds - they stay in their cots!
Do you want a new relationship, or do you just want no strings sex? Can you handle emotionless sex? - not everyone can. Does your dd ever see her father or stay with her GPs?
I had a couple of brief flings when I was newly single. Now I am a bit less bothered about the sex but more interested in finding someone nice to spend time with... if you have no help at all then can you find a babysitter and then find whatever are appropriate dates/nights out for you?

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