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Hi im new !

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lovemysugar Tue 22-Sep-09 12:23:30

hi everyone, i dunno why i hadnt joined earlier theres some really good advice on here

so i had my ds 12 weeks ago alone of course.Was not with X long, but when we found out i was pregnant he pretended he was over the moon and so was his mum..that only lasted a couple of weeks by week 8 he was accusing me of trapping him cz i didnt want to go live abroad with him and lots of insults flying out of his nasty mouth so i thought yea right forget this and cut him out of my life..wasnt that hard tho all i had to do was ignore his calls. funny how he lived round the corner and didnt show once. anyway day before my 20 wk scan he shows up ( tipped off by my brother who wasnt having it that i didnt wanna see him) professing undying love and so on how he doesnt want me to do this alone and i sat there and listened and said ok i ll think about it , he looked positively disapointed and ask when was scan to which i felt bad and told him to come to it. of course he got there too late. next day saw him again cz his brother had come from abroad and wanted to meet and i didnt pay any attention to X so by end of day of course we ended up in argument where he said he didnt mean anything he said about us and he only said it to get us talking. i then told him never to contact me again, which he didnt.

anyway he left the country to live abroad when i was about 7 months, his mum was going to live there too and she kept in contact once or twice before the baby was born and when i gave birth she came to see baby once a week. she didnt mention her son or anything he said or how he felt and once i asked has he said anything she said he has alot on his mind!

not long after do i find out he has new gf. ok. not long after that i find out shes going abroad to see him together with mum and that shes pregnant! i was devastated. i dunno why i couldnt care less for him but i hate the fact that they gonna play happy families now with new girl and new baby! so i confronted his mum bout all this and she said well he said that he doesnt see this child as his he didnt have anything to do with it blabla...

i hate the fact that hes getting a chance all over again and hes gonna be happy! what happened to KARMA???? and now my baby has to have this sibbling ...arggh i just hate it! and of course the only way i found out any of this is thru facebook and im obsessed with checking it!! help me

twicebitten Tue 22-Sep-09 21:41:43

Oh my poor love.
It is his great loss .
You have your beautiful baby son.
His Grandmother will never be able to forget she has a grandson.
Get us much help as you can.
Join a mums and baby club - they were brilliant for me.
It will help to build up a network of support.
Your health visitor should be able to give you a local list.

lovemysugar Tue 22-Sep-09 22:17:50

Thx i will try to join some clubs but i am fairly self conscious, im 25 but look about 12 and i would love to meet some mums but i think right now maybe im still finding my feet...but you are absolutely right i have my beautiful son and im so lucky he looks just like me! i really hope it stays that way!

OnlyWantsOneDoesntLikeDM Tue 22-Sep-09 22:20:46

Oooo hello

My X is a tit - he has a new baby on the way and I know how you feel.

You do have to move on, or it eats you up and consumes you.

Congratulations on the birth of your new baby - and well come to Mumsnet x

lovemysugar Tue 22-Sep-09 22:25:08

Thanks, its good to be here!

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