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Separating & Tax Credits are suddenly asking for mountain of paperwork

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DutchGirly Mon 21-Sep-09 16:39:03

I have recently split from my partner and I had to inform tax credits of the change.

I have now received a letter that all monies are stopped whilst I have to supply a mountain of paperwork ie P60, P45, childcare contract, utility bills, water, council tax, telephone and bank statements. I can supply all the paperwork but it is going to take some time and in the meantime I have not enough money coming in.

Has anybody had the same experience, how did you deal with it, how long did it take?

Ex is not particularly helpful, he is not contributing financially as he does not have enough money coming in and he says I am paranoid (nice that, since he does not pay all bills)

In 6 weeks I am going to run out of my savings so I am panicking as I won't be able to pay my childcare costs so I won't be able to go to work

Tinkerbel6 Mon 21-Sep-09 20:47:05

You need the following year's income details, I can't see why the utility paperwork is needed though and I never had to supply any of that when I claimed wtc. You would have to supply childcare details if you are applying for childcare costs though, but I would think that you could estimate this year's income instead, maybe give them a call back and ask them to do that.

oldraver Mon 21-Sep-09 22:28:13

I can see why they would need P60 or details of it (never been asked to supply actual P60 just give details over the phone) and maybe P45 if you leave your job/partner leaves his. I have never heard of them asking for utility bills at all

pippel Mon 21-Sep-09 22:32:09

why would they need a telephone bill?

Ive only ever had to give them the amount I earned (not a lot grin) and the name of my childminder. Never asked for any proof and definitely no bills even when I first applied.

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