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Any child psychologists out there!

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Mummyloves Sat 04-Jun-05 22:20:38

Has anyone had any experience of going to court re contact with a dad that has hardly seen his son and having a child psychiatrist appointed by the court to find out why Ds won't see his dad? DS is only 4 and was seeing ex DP at a contatc centre but because apparently ex DP was saying negative things about me to Ds, Ds just suddenly refused to see him. He started stammering, bed wetting, became overly clingy etc, and even now, 8 months since he last saw ex DP, he refuses to have anything to do with him. I took him for his appointment with the Psychiatrist, but he didn't say much, only he hated his dad, daddy upset mummy and he won't see him. Ex DP has told them I'm poisoning DS against him and "telling him things", but surely if I was putting words into his mouth this would have come out?. Any views or experiences?

tammybear Sat 04-Jun-05 22:22:37

hi mummyloves, no experiences, but just wanted to say hi, havent spoken to you in a while, sorry this is still going on. sending you hugs xxx

Mummyloves Sat 04-Jun-05 22:30:55

Oh God yes!!!Unfortunately the computer has been one thing that has gone by the wayside over the last few months, I've had to really take my mind off things and so decorating has been my saviour! I've been off work with stress and anxiety since March, ex DP has been arrested and charged with Harassment and so I've got more court cases looming!!. I had to laugh though, when I took DS to London for his appointment with the psychiatrist, he insisted on wearing a metal bowl on his head to be "Robocop"!. What the Psychiatrist thought of a child with a metal mixing bowl on his head who wouldn't look at him is anyone's guess!!! How are you, are you still happy? I've missed loads!!

tammybear Sat 04-Jun-05 22:32:21

yeah things arent too bad at moment, although usual idiots annoying me, but other than that not too bad. sorry to hear of your troubles, but bless your ds

Loobie Sun 05-Jun-05 12:10:53

I really think the court would have to go with what the child is putting out and the fact that he is regressing with bedwetting and stuff,kids dont get in that state for nothing they are trying to tell you something they dont have the vocabulary or understanding to do it with so it will materialise in behaviours.My son has sever sutism and he does this all the time he cannot communicate emotions or feelings and everything comes out in behaviours which i then have to interpret,i am also going through similiar with my ex,his dad,in that it is him who's causing ds to be so all over the place.CAT me if you want to chat i have some pyschology knowledge through dealing with ds.Anytime im always around or i can give you my msn addy and we can chat there whatever. But stick up for your son dont let the ex damage him any further.

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