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In lust with an old friend. He has a girlfriend. Full of regret. Please help me snap out of it.

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poshsinglemum Mon 14-Sep-09 15:29:40

I was going to post on relationships but I felt that the lone parent community might be able to identify with how I feel.

I have known this guy for ten plus years. we were at uni together . I fancied the pants off him then but I was going out with an abusive twat. Abusive twat was good friends with the fit one at the time. (Are you still with me?!)

Last time I saw him, the fit one ten years ago we were hanging out a lot. I had just broken up with the abusive twat. We liked each other. He tried to get me into bed but I was still recovering from relationship with abusive twat so I didn't get into bed with him. It fizzled out between us as he went off and did his own thing.

Now we are both back in town. Me as a single mum who would like someone to love. I wasn't actually interested in finding a man until I bumped into him again. He is still georgeous. There is still a frission. On my part anyway. He sister has had a baby too so he invited me to the family home. I then discover he has a girlfriend. She sounds amazing. far better than me. I am heartbroken and devastated that I didn't make a go of it all those years ago. Now I can only watch as this amazing man slips through my fingers again and I am alone again. I can't get him out of my head but I know it is hopeless. He will probably married her. I try and reason with myself but passion is not reasonable.
we are talking major butterflies, not able to sleep or eat with excitement. I know her loves her and I don't want to break them up. He won't leave her.

Please help me to move on. I am finding it hard as am mates with hsi sister. Thank you. sad

poshsinglemum Mon 14-Sep-09 15:30:27


anothermum92 Mon 14-Sep-09 20:20:04

Message withdrawn

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