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more nuttiness

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cestlavielife Thu 10-Sep-09 10:39:46

joint bank account in a mess with mortgage snot paid due to his mad spending on a rented out flat, meaning no tenants were in for two months etc.

bank statements/letters come to me:

Text messages 8/9/09

me: mortgage has not been paid due to overdraft gone over please arrange payment of £457.94 to xx bank or flat 1 will be taken by bank

exP: ?you put money in I asked you last week.

me: I have no spare money. You were in charge of spending on flat and all recent spending is by you so please speak to bank and explain to them

exP: you put some money in then no charges

me ?sorry as is aid last week I have no spare money til end of month

exP ?I have put thousands of pounds in flat how much have you put in? the flat was a dump and unrentable if fire we would be liable. I am unemployed at present you know that as you made me redundant.

[ note - he resigned his job in 2005! i was given no choice in this! and i moved out of joint place in april 2008... ]

I left my work to provide our children and family. To give more for the dcs and us. To be able to provide something better and different that money holidays clothes do not provide. To make a difference in our lives. But nothing of this you have ever seen or thank for. I doubt that you have ever been truthful in our relationship ever.

exP again: ?one day you get cancer like r?s brother and you see differently. You see that that you can forgive and you want to live and love others and give love and affection. How much need is on do you all of this? True and honest love kindness and affection this brings happiness and changes people and situations.

and in meantime he sees dcs (supervised) at his place tues and thurs 6 to 7 pm and says he cannot feed them in this time because a he cannot afford to and b he just wants to talk and play with them? eating together is not meaningful enough..

mrsmortenharket Thu 10-Sep-09 10:48:59

ach he is a prat. using emotional blackmail.

mamas12 Thu 10-Sep-09 19:25:46

Show it to the bank manager and get his help in taking you out of the equation, put a stop on your involvment in this joint account.

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