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Internet Dating - need a strapline!

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runragged Thu 03-Sep-09 17:11:21

OMG I haven't been on here for ages - years in fact, I had to go cold turkey, it became a bit of an addiction!

Here's my dilemma and where did I think to go but you guys!

I've decided to dip my foot into the whole internet dating business as I never seem to meet anyone and spend my whole time working. I need a strapline, about 10 words, what do you think?

Something that says, "want to date and have fun, no strings" but I don't want to sound like a slapper!

come jump on the "fit and interesting " thread in this section. kinda thread for those dating. internet or RL.

first things first though..... do you want no strings sex? which will be taken as being a bit em.... dont mean to be judgey.... loose grin... to anyone reading your profile.

or do you mean you want someone to have a casual relationship. where you have sex, hang out and dont get involved in each others lives and keeps dc seperate? see each other when you have your dc free time only sort of thing but with the same person?

runragged Thu 03-Sep-09 21:46:04

Well a kind of casual relationship - serially monogamous I think smile but everything else you said! Anyway how about "Fancy some fun and the occasional date?" - too much? I'm no good at this sort of thinkg! Married for too long I think.

dont put anything in your profile. it can attract weird and wonderful.

if there is an option for what your looking for just put "dating" or something similar.

once you talk to them just see where it goes. you should mostly discuss this once you meet them in person and find out if they are a genuinely decent bloke worth doing this with or an assehole not worth the effort.

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