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DS is gonna be a big brother - how do I handle this one?

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Janos Mon 31-Aug-09 17:44:36

I've suspected it for a while - DS is wee chatterbox - but now have had it confirmed, from the horses mouth.

TBH things have not been great with XP but SEEM to be improving which can only be good.

DS seems to be quite excited about the whole thing.

Anyone got experience of this? What's the best way to support him?

notevenamousie Wed 02-Sep-09 19:55:39

It's your ex's partner that is pregnant, right, you've not been keeping something from us have you?!

Keep listening and talking and encouraging, but also I think you need to acknowledge to yourself, not to ds, if some of this is quite hard for you to hear. TBH I am dreading the day. There must be people that have gone through it rather than just me wittering, so bumping this for you.

rachyh85 Sat 03-Oct-09 18:50:28

hey, i got told that my 23 mnth old dd was "going to be a big sister soon" (his words) (half sister, my words) told me in may, but not when due. a relative of ex told me it was due in june. well, same relative keeps me informed and babys been born and around 4 mnths now. ex? he hasnt mentioned it since.. hasnt told me what gender, name etc so i feel under no obligation to encourage dd to talk about it. he took dd to meet new gf and child once but didnt tell me he was doing this. eveythings a big secret. if he takes her to see child again, and dd comes back saying 'i got brother' or 'i got a sister' how am i to respond if i dnt know what it is?! (i do know, but he doesnt know that!)

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